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The Resurgence Trust Charity Auction

We have a small number of exclusive pieces from the The Resurgence Trust Charity Auction to offer for sale. This is your opportunity to support The Resurgence Trust and purchase an original piece of art. The following four pieces are offered for auction.

The four pieces below are offered for sale as part of The Resurgence Trust Charity Auction. If you would like to purchase any item, please contact to Lynn Batten on 01237 441293 or email

Christopher P Wood

Christopher Wood - Mid Day Moon

Read about Christopher P Wood here...

Mid Day Moon
Oil on Canvas
71.1 x 76.2 cm
Guide price: £2,000

Born and raised in Leeds, Christopher initially studied at Chelsea College of Art. In 1987 he returned to Leeds, avoiding the fashions and commercial pressures associated with the London art world at that time.

Keith Grant

Keith Grant - Void

Read about Keith Grant here...

Oil on board
50 x 70 cm
Guide price: £4,500

Keith is from a working class background in Liverpool, upon discovering he was a painter at the age of twenty-seven he decided that his task was to become the painter of the austere and extreme beauty of the North.