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Climate change

Climate change is a problem so vast that humanity is unable to come to agreement even about its very existence let alone how to tackle it. At Resurgence, we believe that humanity’s impact on the health of the planet is undeniable and can be traced back to the root cause of our separation and disconnection from the natural world.

A more just and sustainable world is possible and people around the globe are actively creating it

Despite the severity of the problems we face, the solutions are within our grasp: we know that we have to reuse, recycle, repair and refuse; to move from consumerism to elegant simplicity; to acknowledge all life as sacred; and to tread lightly on the Earth.

A more just and sustainable world is possible and hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are actively creating it. In our climate change section you will find the information, tools and philosophical perspectives to help you do the same.

Be the Change

Be the Change

What we
can do...

Good news for Gaia

Good news for Gaia

Innovations and initiatives...

Carbon Calculators

Carbon Calculators

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