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Art and Climate Change

Artists can communicate stories and act to inspire real change. Resurgence has always worked side by side with artists to do just that, and regularly features work by varied artists and poets in the magazine.

Here, we have highlighted articles and projects that outline how art is being used practically to spread messages or educate, or simply illustrate how art inspires. We will be adding more to these pages over time.

External links and exhibitions

Articles featured in Resurgence magazine

Ghost Forest: Highlighting the depletion of the world's resources

Ghost Forest: Highlighting the depletion of the world's resources

Ghost Forest is a major art installation consisting of ten rain forest tree stumps which were brought to Europe from a commercially-logged primary forest in Ghana, Western Africa by the artist Angela Palmer. The work is intended to highlight the alarming depletion of the world’s natural resources, and in particular the continued rate of deforestation.

Artists’ Project Earth: Addressing climate change through the arts

Artists' Project Earth: Addressing climate change through the arts

APE works with artists, musicians and writers to raise awareness of the issues of climate change, but also to financially support the myriad inspiring ‘grassroots’ solutions to these problems and provide help for those affected by natural disasters.

Cape Farewell: Burning Ice

Cape Farewell: Burning Ice

Artists can communicate stories and emotions on a human scale. The Cape Farewell project tangibly connects artists with climate change and in turn the artists convey these stories to us. That is why this project is so powerful.

Art Therapy: Unlocking the Grief

Art Therapy: Unlocking the Grief

Grief is not a rational thing. Neither is it just sadness. It is a cauldron of conflicting feelings that make little sense when experienced together but which carry our heart’s truth into the world when honoured separately. Grief is also an incredibly powerful force for change.

Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty

It would seem that most philosophers, aestheticians, art historians and even scientists and mathematicians think that beauty is invariant. For the many amongst us, who have trouble recognising and appreciating those things they have declared beautiful, and the many who don’t wish to be bothered with an engagement with beauty, the experts generally recommend better education and cultivating refinement and sensitivity.