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Climate change • A Resurgence perspective

Climate change or more accurately, climate destabilization, is on the agenda of every newspaper editor, every political speechwriter, every news broadcast. It is a problem so vast that humanity is unable to come to agreement even about its very existence let alone how to tackle it. At Resurgence, we believe that humanity’s impact on the health of the planet is undeniable and can be traced back to the root cause of our separation and disconnection from the natural world.

We have continued our suicidal practices with abandon for so long

At the heart of our approach to addressing climate change is the Native American adage that “whatever we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves”. So the very act of deforestation is akin to filling our own lungs with smoke; the poisoning of the Earth with pesticides is like drinking a chemical cocktail knowing full well it is fatal. We have continued our suicidal practices with abandon for so long because we couldn’t see the direct consequences of our actions. Now, we can no longer ignore them, as the poles continue to melt at an exponential rate and drought and floods ravage whole continents.

Despite the severity of the problems we face, the solutions are within our grasp: we know that we have to reuse, recycle, repair and refuse; we know that we have to transform our lifestyles from rampant consumerism to elegant simplicity; we know that we have to acknowledge all life as sentient and sacred; we know that we have to tread lightly on the Earth.

In this special section on climate change, we offer you a selection of articles that look at the root causes of our demise, but also offer realistic ways towards a more just, sustainable and equitable future. A better world is possible and hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are actively creating it. In these pages, you will find the tools and philosophical perspectives to help you do the same.

Lorna Howarth is Development Director at Artist Project Earth and contributing Editor, Resurgence magazine.