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The Resurgence and Ecologist Crossword—blanks and solutions—are available here.

First featured in the July/August 2013 issue of Resurgence & Ecologist, our crosswords are compiled by Timothy Bonsor.


291 - July - Blank Puzzle - Solution

290 - May - Blank Puzzle - Solution

289 - March - Blank Puzzle - Solution

288 - January - Blank Puzzle - Solution


287 - November - Blank Puzzle - Solution

286 - September - Blank Puzzle - Solution

285 - July - Blank Puzzle - Solution

284 - May - Blank Puzzle - Solution

282 - January - Blank Puzzle - Solution


281 - November - Blank Puzzle - Solution

280 - September - Blank Puzzle - Solution

279 - July - Blank Puzzle - Solution

Timothy Bonsor is a former civil servant, supporter of the Green Party and Friends of the Earth, and crossword fanatic. After retirement, he tried his hand at compiling crosswords, and now offers his work to an eclectic range of magazines.

Here’s what he says about Resurgence & Ecologist:

“I used to buy The Ecologist in magazine form, so was really pleased to see it resurrected with Resurgence, where I think the holistic blend works nicely. For Resurgence & Ecologist I want my puzzles to appeal to both sides of the house, and to be challenging but not daunting. Clues therefore are generally straight, although sometimes I can’t resist a more oblique approach.

“I welcome your comments: mail me at

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