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RDM Revival

Artists Project Earth New Album. Help us to help them...

Green Books

Author Profile: Adam Thorpe

Adam Thorpe s latest novel, Between Each Breath was published by Cape in May, as was his fifth poetry colletion Birds with a Broken Wing.

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The Lonely Traveller

Issue 294 • January/February 2016 • A Food Renaissance > Reviews

Review of 60 Degrees North: Around the World In Search of Home

In Search of Place

Issue 290 • May/June 2015 • Becoming Barbarian > Reviews

Review of Rising Ground: A Search for Spirit of Place

Goodness of the Earth

Issue 256 • September/October 2009 • Exploring Consciousness > Reviews

Review of Essential Agrarian and Environmental Writings.

A Celebration of Place

Issue 255 • July/August 2009 • Sacred Planet > Reviews

Review of Connermara: The Last Pool of Darkness.

Nature Writers - Downland Eden •

Issue 253 • March/April 2009 • Economics of Place > Regulars > Nature Writers

H. J. Massingham's writing eloquently encapsulates intrinsic beauty.

The Threshold

Issue 243 • July/August 2007 • The Point of Return > The Arts

Seeing the good in the gloom. A short story.


Issue 238 • September/October 2006 • Celebrating 40 Years of Resurgence > Reviews

Review of The Founding of Arvon by John Moat


Issue 232 • September/October 2005 • Nature Knows us - do we know nature? > Feature Articles

What should a writer do when world affairs do not obey the rules of 'fairy-tale'?