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James Vaccaro

Edgar Vaid

Miriam Valero

Jan van Boeckel

Jan van Boeckel is a Dutch anthropologist, filmmaker and art teacher. Currently he is engaged in a research project on arts-based environmental education at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland.

Ulric Van Den Bogaerde

Peter van den Dungen

Bibi van der Zee

Wouter Van Hoven

Philip Vann

Philip Vann is co-author of a book on the painter William Crozier, to be published by Lund Humphries later this year.

William Varley

Mark Vaughan

Radha Veach

Radha Veach has spent the last 18 years in Maharashtra in Western India and has been involved in various landscape, environmental and reforestation projects, and was joint runner-up in the Resurgence and Scientific & Medical Network Essay Competition 2003.

Ceciel Verheij

Nirmal Verma

Wilhelm Verwoerd

John Vidal

John Vidal is environmental editor for The Guardian.

Peter Villiers

Gail Vines

Michael Viney

Marco Visscher

Diego Vivanco

Swami Vivekananda

Felipe Viveros

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ernst Von Weizsäcker