Issue 301
March/April 2017
Manifesto for A Green Mind

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Speaking Peace and Working for It

Nonviolent campaigning can trump violence - here's how


Aviation Set To Take Up Half Britain's Carbon Budget •

Campaigners say figures show the need for curbs on growth

Building For the Future - New Solar Tiles and Windows •

Advances in technology are moving solar energy into the mainstream

News from the Grassroots • &

A round up of environmental news stories

Tree Fellings Prompt Protests In City Streets and Tweets

A controversial programme to remove trees in Sheffield sparks opposition

Peace Museums Gather for Belfast Conference •

The 'International Network of Museums for Peace' celebrates its 25th anniversary

Resurgence News and Events •

New talks in London, information on the summer camp and an update on the Resurgence auction


Planting Seeds of Resistance and Renewal •

Janet Maro is an East African agricultural campaigner making things happen

Soft Songs That Can Yet Sound A New Dawn

British birdsong is a delight to be treasured

Put a Drag on the Rag Trade •

Applying the same values to fashion as we do to food would have a huge impact

Manifesto for the Green Mind

Calling for a revolution to bring Nature into our lives

Turning the Tide in a Desert War •

Zoologist Susan Canney helps Malian communities fight land degradation and poaching to preserve endangered elephants


The Path of Peace is Rocky, But Still Open •

The prospects for nonviolence in a seemingly more dangerous world


The Fight For Beauty •

Conservation campaigning is essential for our spiritual as well as our environmental survival

Sweden Begins The Shift From Fast to Thrift

A project to repair, rather than replace, old goods is reducing consumerism

Fragile, Forbidding - But Sacred •

The spiritual case for conserving the world's highest regions

Ethical Living

Down The Road

Peering through pollution at possible futures

Uighur Rights Activist Faces Life Sentence •

An appeal on behalf of Amnesty International

A Scent of Renewal For the Fragrant Harbour

Fresh shoots are emerging amidst the consumerist bustle of Hong Kong

Washed Up, and Loving It •

The tidal romance of Tilly and Cliff

The Fragile Flavours of Hope • &

Reflections on the personal and culinary triumphs of women who survived the civil war in Sri Lanka


The World is Rich •

A poem from 'Wild' by Ben Okri

The Arts

Fresh Ways of Seeing and Feeling •

A major new exhibition on David Hockney opens at Tate Britain

I Think of It Like a Spray From An Ocean Wave

Nitin Sawhney, musician and activist, talks about his life

An Artist Renewed By Time, Earth and Place •

A profile of Brian Rice


Poetry - Time to Kiss the Earth again •

Celebrating the long-neglected Robinson Jeffers

Deep Spirit - Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our Editors


The System is Broken. What's Next?

Review of Postcapitalism: A Guide To Our Future

A Walk, and Talk, On The Wild Side •

Review of Poacher's Pilgrimage: An Island Journey

A Nonviolent Fighter For Rights •

Review of Action! A Cleric off the Leash

Our Place in Space and Time

Review of Human Ecology: How Nature and Culture Shaped Our World

Better Together? •

Review of The Alternative: Towards a New progressive Politics

Through Glass, Brightly •

Review of A Sea of Glass: Searching For the Blaschkas' Fragile Legacy in an Ocean of Risk

Without Them, We're Dead •

Review of What Have Plants Ever Done For Us? Western Civilization in Fifty Plants

Home Sweet Eco-Home •

Review of Eco-Homes: People, Place and Politics

Web Exclusives

Article - Striving for Independence - What Is It About?

Raül Romeva, the Catalan Minister of Foreign Affairs, explains the reasons behind the calls for Catalan independence

Article - Regenerative Business

Finding ways to change business and industry to create a new, ecologically sustainable future

Review - Be Kind To Our Kind

Review of Animal (De)liberation: Should the Consumption of Animal Products Be Banned?

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