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Green Energy Providers


Dedicated to changing the way electricity is made. The company invests in clean forms of power like wind energy and is the only green electricity company in the UK actually building these new renewable energy sources.

Good Energy

All the electricity supplied comes from wind, small-scale hydro and solar power generators from all over Britain.

Green Energy (UK) plc

Provides green energy for people who are concerned about the environment and impact of global warming.

Onsite Renewable Energy Products

The British Photovoltaic Association

Provide an on-line information service with details of the latest developments in photovoltaics (PV). The website includes a guide to photovoltaic technology and how to obtain a PV system, with a searchable database of members to locate reputable suppliers and installers.

Green Comfort

Offering ground source heat pump and geothermal heating system installation services. An established geothermal heat pump contractor in US.

The Ground Source Heat Pump Club

Promotes the concept of using Ground Source Heat Pumps as an environmentally preferable means of heating and cooling buildings and acts as an impartial source of information about the ways this may be done. The organisation aims to assist in the development of standards for, and provide support to, the growing industry of manufacturers, importers and installers of Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Irska Wind Turbines

Located in Nottingham UK and has many years experience in the wind turbine and other engineering industries. The company provides a wind turbine installation service and is a Member of the British Wind Energy Association.

Independent installers and suppliers of solar equipment, specialising in solar water heating.

Nicholls Construction

- Geothermal and Ground Source Heat Pump systems. A comprehensive service of heating and cooling equipments for heat pump installation and water well boreholes, water well drilling with variety of ground source heat pump systems

Proven Energy Ltd

A family-owned business based in south-west Scotland which manufactures and installs wind turbines and solar photovoltaic (electric) panels. Established in 1980 with expertise in mechanical, electrical and control engineering, Proven has been manufacturing renewable energy machinery since 1991.

Solar Fusion Ltd

Solar power installers based in Ferndown, Dorset, UK (government accredited) offering solar hot water and photovoltaic systems.Solar Fusion offer the very latest Solar Hot Water and Solar Photovoltaic systems that can generate up to 70% of your hot water needs and up to 50% of you electricity needs.

The Solar Trade Association

Serves as a focal point for organisations with business interests in the Solar Energy industry. Those interests cover thermal applications, such as the production of domestic or industrial hot water or the heating of swimming pools.


Provide a solar panel water heating system with a full installation service or a DIY kit with a100% solar electric pump.


Provide a range of solar-related products including solar electricity, solar hot water, batteries, educational kits and solar refrigerators.

Unlimited Power

Supplies renewable energy technologies including standalone energy systems, using solar and wind energy as the power source. Experienced System Design Consultants can design power systems for a wide variety of applications, for use anywhere in the world.

Environmentally-friendly insulation and building products

Green Building Store

Supplies a wide range of building products that promote energy-efficient, sustainable and healthy homes for new build, refurbishment or simply decorating.

New Builder

Promoting energy-efficient, healthy sustainable building. Providing green building information and publications for those wishing to create healthy and ecological homes and buildings.

Second Nature

Mmanufacture 'Thermafleece' from British hill sheep's wool to create an efficient insulation material suitable for both new and refurbishment projects.

Advice and resources

The Carbon Trust

Works with business and the public sector to help them reduce their carbon emissions and so minimise the long-term effects of climate change.


Offset your CO2 emissions by funding sustainable energy and reforestation projects. News, features and details of how to purchase offsets to reduce your impact on the climate.

Energy Saving Trust

An on-line grant finding service via your postcode to let you know what is available for projects such as cavity wall and loft insulation.

Energy Trace Webzine

A comprehensive and up-to-date source of energy news, information, jobs, events, products, and more.

Fuel Mix

Impartial information on the fuel mix of the main electricity suppliers in the UK. Do a comparison to see just how much you can reduce your own CO2 footprint by changing electricity supplier.

The National Energy Foundation

An independent charity, working for more efficient, innovative and safe use of energy, and to increase public awareness of energy in all its aspects. Currently focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The NEF provides information, training and consultancy, and an education service to promote renewable energy in schools.

The renewable energy centre

Actively promotes energy efficiency and encourage the use of renewable technologies. The website provide information on a wide range of subject from photovoltaics to hydroelectric power with a useful list of suppliers and contactors in the UK.


Covers all aspects of renewable energy in the UK and worldwide with information on wind and solar power, electronics and biodiesel.