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Green Books

Ethical living links

A lot of Organics

Organic search engine bringing you organic food, fair trade, vegan, special diets, ethical, econ-friendly and other organic products.

Provides a list of places in the UK where people can fill their diesel vehicle with Biodiesel. Also lists outlets abroad. The site will be developed to be a comprehensive list of Biodiesel outlets - not just filling stations.

Eco baby

Natural baby products, resources and related articles.


Ethical and eco-friendly homewares and gifts featuring a wide range of low-energy, sustainable, ethical and recycled products.

Eco Companies Directory

An International Database of eco-friendly companies and organizations on the Web.

Ecotourism in Poland

One-of-a-kind and adventurous eco-toursim expeditions in Poland. Hiking and canoeing programs tailored for active people. Get to know our nature, culture and history.

A UK website stocking only ethical products. Organic cotton baby clothes, eco-friendly natural wooden toys, natural and organic toiletries, natural and organic gift boxes for new mum and baby, soft shoes and eco-friendly nappies. All fairly priced.

The Ethical Directory

Provides a categorised list of green and ethical businesses and organisations.

Ethical Jobs

An extensive range of ethical job opportunities ranging from solar engineering to sustainable development and care work. ‘Choosing an ethical career does not mean sacrificing a well paid and exciting position in the corporate sector for an underpaid, under-appreciated one. It means doing something that serves our practical needs, our personal values and our interests in a way that positively impacts upon the world.’

Ethical Junction

Network provides information on positively screened companies and organisations, with links to ethical and sustainable products and services.

Ethical Markets

Aims to foster the evolution of capitalism beyond current models based on materialism, maximizing self-interest and profit, competition and fear of scarcity. Ethical Markets promotes a vision of maturing, socially-responsible, ethical capitalism fitting humanity's aspirations for a more peaceful, just and ecologically sustainable world.

Ethical Network

A website for like-minded individuals taking action on the issues that matter: poverty, climate change, species extinction, rural devastation. Containing the latest news, ideas, developments and solutions from movement that spans the globe.

Ethical one stop shop

An e-commerce and mail order business to help people who care to shop with care - selling fair trade, hemp, natural, organic and recycled products. Products are all environmentally, human and animal friendly.


Has been created for those who wish to travel lightly and to encourage others to do so. the site includes country guides, travel advice, health advice and details of ethical, ecologically sound holidays and eco friendly holiday accommodation.

Fair Trade Columbian clothes

Made by a group of women living and working in La Sierra Nevada de St. Marta. Traditionally made embroidered clothes, casual wear and patterns. Combining yesterday's crafts with today's fit and fashion.


Is free and only available via the Internet. Linking drivers and passengers to share the cost of travel... Saves you money, helps other people and reduces pollution. It provides an online database for people offering or requiring lifts.

Gordon Clarke Architects

Combine building methods which care for the planet and the future, with the highest quality design and a full professional service. Information on ecological design and healthy buildings.

The Green Guide

Is about changing our patterns of consumption and seeking out greener, natural and ethical alternatives to every conceivable type of product and service. It¹s about buying more wisely, consuming less, wasting less, thinking through the consequences of our purchases. It¹s about reducing our impact on the planet and our fellows by making choices that are better for us, better for the environment, and better for other people.

Green mobile

An environmentally friendly phone service that promotes paperless billing and encourages people to recycle or keep their old mobile phones instead of upgrading. A percentage of money from bills is donated to environmental charities - the Woodland Trust and Friends of the Earth.

The Green Providers Directory

Contains links to hundreds of natural, green goods and services including renewable energy suppliers and fair trade clothing, gifts and gadgets. The Directory also provides news, updates and blogs on the environment, nature, recycling, energy efficiency, climate change and related topics.

The Green Shopping Guide

An entirely free guide to green business products and services, it brings together a wide a range of  businesses, organisations and charities from around the UK that provide green and ethical products and services.

Green Trading

Organic and ethical goods including clothing and skin care products.

Green Traveller

An online forum for green travel wher you can comment on the issues, find links to relevant websites or post up your own questions.


A directory organic and fair trade companies in the UK providing a resource for the ethically and environmentally conscious shopper who cares about what they eat and what they buy.


A webguide to holistic, green and conscious living. Holistic Local brings together people who are passionate about making a positive difference to health, the environment, our communities and our future.


An ethical company selling natural mosquito spray which works by neutralising the kairomones in the body in a non-toxic way and thus safely protecting the wearer from mosquitoes and all small things that bite.

The Inner Bookshop

Over 50,000 mind, body, spirit titles available online, including our secondhand.

The Insight Eco Store

An online retailer dedicated to sourcing innovative stylish and everyday products that are designed to save energy, protect the environment and save money. Providing stylish innovative products that don't cost the earth.

Is Anyone Going

To Putting travelers from the same geographical location, going to the same destination together with the aim of reducing the number of cars on the roads. Saving money, inconvenience and more importantly our environment.

Jiva Fair Trading

Ethically-produced goods from around the world. High quality products that have helped and supported indigenous communities.

The London Organic Directory

Organic London - Organic stores, restaurants and markets in London.

Living Clean

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products based on citrus solutions and essential oils. They also feature tried and trusted ingredients like vinegar - and are used with old fashioned "elbow grease" for a real shine.


A collection of luxurious organic cotton bed linen and hand-crafted home accessories from pure natural yarns.  All made in fair trade conditions with kindness to planet and people.

MarketPlace: Handwork of India,

Ethical clothing from a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation in the U.S. Market place provide sustainable employment to low-income women artisans in Mumbai, India, by assisting them in the management of their cooperatives and the marketing of their products in North America.

Mother Hemp

Is dedicated to the use of hemp as an environmentally sustainable resource. The website provide information on the history of hemp, nutrition, hemp products and recipes. Mother hemp grows, processes and distributes hemp products.

Natural Collection

Leading retailers specialising in green products, environmentally-friendly gifts and household products.

For people who want to live in harmony with the world and care about their health, the environment and the world we live in. Products, services, news, events and articles.

Nigel's Eco Store

Environmentally friendly products for sustainable living, including recycled products, organic products, green products, and eco friendly products and gifts.

One Village

Works directly with craftmakers’ cooperatives and societies in economically poor places to help them build up the quality of their lives through income-generation work around traditional crafts. Products are available through the website which also includes editorial pages on the products, background information about the producers and other editorial features.


An exciting eco space where it’s free to swap, sell, give away, recycle and share ideas with like-minded people.

Organic Fayres

Is a platform to bring together the leading organic shops, services and suppliers from around the UK, exhibiting only the highest quality organic produce.


100% natural organic skin care and body care products available to view and buy securely on line.

The Phone Co-op

Ethical and environmentally responsible telecoms provider. Switch to an ethical supplier and raise funds for Resurgence. Please quote 384/AF0303 if you register with the phone co-op via Resurgence.


Eco slippers made in England from organically tanned leathers, coconut husk and natural latex. Designed around a unique coir foot mattress, which acts like a nest for the feet with air pockets that help it mould to the foot’s shape, offering maximum comfort and ventilation. Comes in a compostable coir packaging that doubles up as a seed tray.


An ethical way to get rid of unwanted books - recycle them by swapping books on-line. Free service with over 2,000 books available for swapping. Swap old books for new ones ­ completely free of charge.

TEA (The Ethical Agency)

Provide marketing expertise and advertising just to ethical businesses

There Must Be a Better Way

Natural and organic, harsh chemical-free beauty skincare products. There Must Be a Better Way display all ingredient listings and cater for the more sensitive customer.


Offers unique holistic holidays with over two hundred courses from yoga, writing and personal development to dance, sailing and art in Skyros, Greece and Koh Samed, Thailand.

Slow Planet

Slow is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace; it’s about working, playing and living better by doing everything at the right speed.

Spirit of Nature

Spirit Of Nature offers Natural, organic and fair trade products for the whole family.


Supply beautiful handmade textiles for children from days gone by: in Belgium from natural materials by free and cheerful women.

Tip the Planet

A project to create a green wiki website that encourages discussion and the generation of tips that benefit you and the planet. From tips for individuals about staying happy and healthy to tips for multi-national companies on how to limit their carbon footprints, all with accompanying explanations.


Is a small company producing environmentally responsible, natural household cleaning products. Promoting environmental conservation by providing healthy home hygiene products which are handcrafted, non toxic and earth friendly. The website includes a list of products which will disinfect, cleanse, polish, and scour without the use of toxic formulations.


Exists to make it easy and fun for you to plant a tree and make a positive contribution towards our environment.  The project is working towards the restoration of the Caledonian Forest in the North West Highlands of Scotland with the charity Trees for Life.

Triodos Bank

Triodos not only avoids corrupt regimes and the arms trade, but actively promotes sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses and organisations driven by values and ideas. Triodos are completely open about all their investment, and utterly transparent in their dealings - harnessing money to build prosperity that won¹t compromise future generations, or damage the fragile planet.


The website aims to contribute to educating people to alternative food and lifestyle choices proving that via compassion we can heal ourselves and each other.


Yurts, arbours, courses, rentals and holidays. Yurt works provides an extensive range of yurts and accessories.

Is the new route planning service for urban walkers. Use the website to generate a turn by turn route map and an estimated journey time. The website aims to make walking a transport option of first choice in urban areas. The pilot site currently covers central London only, and is still being refined.

Waste management UK

Intelligent waste management solutions for businesses in the UK and Ireland.

World Tents

The UK's primary source of natural man-made tents and accessories, including tipis, yurts, geo-domes and marquees.