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Holistic education links

The African American Environmentalist Association (AAEA)

A national, nonprofit environmental organisation dedicated to protecting the environment, enhancing human, animal and plant ecologies, promoting the efficient use of natural resources and increasing African American participation in the environmental movement.

Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment

Promotes the exchange of ideas and information about literature and other cultural representations that consider human relationships with the natural world.

California Institute for Integral Studies

A fully accredited institution of higher learning integrating mind, body and spirit. Offering degrees in clinical East-West psychology, drama therapy, philosophy, comparative and Eastern religions, cultural anthropology, expressive arts and more.


Fosters cross-cultural understanding between young people, connecting students from around the world to explore social and environmental issues. Provides on-line curriculum and web-based forum for project collaboration and exploration.

Center for Ecoliteracy

Dedicated to education for sustainable living by fostering a profound understanding of the natural world, grounded in direct experience. The website provides a forum for ecological education and includes their latest newsletter.

Circle of Life Rediscovery

Offers unique Environmental Educational camps and Youth & School programmes. The Rediscovery experience is a magical journey of adventure and self-discovery.

Consciousness in the Natural World

Aims to bring together philosophers from the Scottish universities and beyond to allow concerted and collective progress to be made on the problem of explaining the place of conscious psychological life within the natural world.

Eco-Schools Programme

An international initiative supporting schools working towards education for sustainable development and a better quality of life for local and global communities. The project encourages schools to reduce the environmental impact of the whole school on the community.

Education Otherwise

A UK-based membership organisation providing support and information for families whose children are being educated outside school.

Elm Farm Research Centre

Offers independent information, advice, news and comment on organic farming, food and associated issues.

Education for Sustainability

A unique programme exploring both environmental education and development education in the context of education for sustainability, provided by South Bank University, Distance Learning Centre, UK.

Environmental Learning Institute

Provides leadership programmes for intermediate and secondary educators to enhance understanding of enquiry-based learning and global environmental change while studying a threatened North American eco-system. Based in Tucson, AZ, USA.

Environmental Writing Institute

Part of the University of Montana's Environmental Studies Programme, which organises an annual institute bringing together essayists, journalists, scientists, outdoor writers, and natural historians from around the US.

The Findhorn Foundation

A major international centre of adult education and personal and spiritual transformation in Northern Scotland.

Footprint Education

Provides outdoor-based eco-education work grounded in Deep Ecology.

Gaia Partnership

Organises events and courses exploring creative new insights in science, spirituality and the arts. Residential weekends near Hay-on-Wye, include experience of an holistic lifestyle including solar hot water an electricity, organic food, wildlife and countryside.

The Gaian Institute

A non-profit organization dedicated to research and education for a more peaceful, just, and ecologically-conscious future.

Goddard College

Offers unique Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Health Arts and Sciences: Bridging Nature, Culture and Healing. The courses combines studies in integrative health studies, holistic sciences, health belief systems, cross-cultural perspectives, social justice and self-care practices.

Green Web

A small, independent research group and network with a left biocentric perspective, working with and for the green movement.

The Hamblin Trust

A registered charityseeking to promote healthy living through its publications and a rich and balanced programme of events. The Trust operates from Bosham, West Sussex and is set in three acres of lovely grounds. It has a beautiful hall/consultancy room in the grounds, available for hire.

Holly Foundation

The Foundation is engaged in developing and supporting holistic education, authentic community building, deep democracy, permaculture and eco-centres worldwide.

The Institute for Earth Education

Is a non-profit making, volunteer organisation made up of an international network of individuals and member organisations. Earth Education aims to help people build an understanding of, appreciation for, and a harmony with the earth and its life. The major work of the institute is to design and develop specific educational programmes that change people's view of our home. Earth education can make a significant difference in the health of our planet.


A free online service providing access to the very best Web resources for education and research. The service is created by a network of UK universities and partners. Subject specialists select and evaluate the websites on the database which contains 118588 records.

Rosie Jackson

Is a UK author who writes novels, stories, reviews, poetry and creative non-fiction. Having taught at the University of East Anglia and on the MA in Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University, she now runs acclaimed creative writing courses worldwide.

Journey to Brilliance

Seven Oaks is the first school to the holistic principles established by the Holistic Education Trust. The goal is to make education relevant to today’s citizens so that they become empowered to create the future they dream of rather than merely enduring the world they inherited.

The Kira Institute

Working towards the development of a 21st Century world view that respects and accommodates modern science and is grounded in human experience. Its major activities are in multidiscipline research and education at an advanced level.

La Casa De Maria

Offers a rich variety of retreats and workshops to refresh the spirit, inform the mind and nurture the soul.

Make a world of difference

Project designed to encourage young people to become active citizens not just learning about their own society, but also by engaging with the challenges faced by millions in the developing world. Working with partners overseas to develop ideas for projects that promote education, health, literacy and personal skills.

Naropa Institute

A private, non-profit, fully accredited liberal arts college offering degrees in transpersonal psychology, contemplative psychology, Buddhist studies, writing, environmental studies, early childhood education and more.

New York Open Center

The largest urban holistic learning center in the United States. Courses on alternative health and bodywork disciplines, spiritual and meditative teachings and multicultural arts.

Omega Institute for Holistic StudiesUS. Offers workshops and retreats.

Pisgah Forest Institute

Provides environmental instruction for educators, including workshops for teachers and home school educators. Located at Brevard College, North Carolina, USA.

Purton House College

Information on courses in homeopathic medicine.

Raheen Wood School

Multi denominational, co-educational school, in East Clare, Ireland, that  provides Primary and Pre-school education based on the work of Rudolf  Steiner and drawing on the experience and research of educators, who have  developed Steiner Waldorf education since the founding of the first Waldorf  school in 1919.

Schumacher College

Is one of the few institutions exploring the fundamental problems now facing the world. Whether in science, ecology, economics, spirituality or the humanities, its intent is to explore the foundations of a more balanced and harmonious world view.

Schumacher Society UK

Inspired by the life and work of E.F. Schumacher, the great economist and philosopher and author of 'Small is Beautiful'.

Sharpham College

Offers year-long residential and non-residential programmes in Buddhist Studies and Contemporary Enquiry in Devon, UK. The education offered at Sharpham seeks to ground theoretical study in the living context of community life, meditation in practice, work on the land, voluntary service and creative expression.

The Society for Curious Thought

Liberty of conscience, liberty of thought and feeling; absolute freedom of opinion and sentiment on all subjects, practical or speculative and scientific and moral, or theological.

The Waldorf College Project, Gloucestershire

Offers a unique curriculum that unites a broad range of practical and academic experiences into a whole journey. This is education that celebrates and awakens individuality whilst fostering an ethos of social responsibility and cooperation.

Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education

The center assists in the development, implementation and evaluation nof environmental education programs focusing on elementary and secondary school teachers throughout Wisconsin, USA.