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Green Books

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Green Books

A small publishing company specialising in the ecological, spiritual and cultural issues of our time, publishing between four and eight new titles each year. Green Farming, Forestry, Gardening. Detailed book reviews and on-line ordering.

New Economics Foundation

Works to explore and promote an alternative vision of ideas and practical schemes based on the needs of people and the environment.

Practical Action (formerly Intermediate Technology)

A development charity with a difference - working closely with some of the world’s poorest people using simple technology to fight poverty and transform lives for the better for over 40 years.

Schumacher College

One of the few institutions exploring the fundamental problems now facing the world. Whether in science, ecology, economics, spirituality or the humanities, its intent is to explore the foundations of a more balanced and harmonious world view.

Schumacher Society UK

Inspired by the life and work of E.F. Schumacher, the great economist and philosopher and author of 'Small is Beautiful'.

Soil Association.

The main UK organisation of organic food and farming fighting for safe, healthy food, an unpolluted countryside and a sustainable farming policy in Britain and worldwide.