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Photographs: courtesy Benjamin J. Murphy. From Homemade: Gorgeous Things to Make with Love by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson, published by Collins, ISBN 978007284795

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Slow Presents

With the festive season fast approaching we’ve decided to dedicate this Slow Sunday to the giving of gifts. Presents that are kind to the planet are often also gentle on the wallet - however, the biggest challenge is finding the time to make or source a low-impact offering.

Making things can be fun if you have the time. So, rather than taking a trip to the high street, this Sunday is dedicated to setting aside time for preparing slow presents for the people you care. By doing this you will be strengthening the meaning and message of love associated with the gift.

The Gift of Time

Why not give yourself as a gift! Is there a friend or family member you would love to call or visit - but you never seem to find the time? Treat yourself and them to some time together. Maybe you could spend part of this Slow Sunday preparing your diary for next year. Block out some weekends or evenings in advance to enjoy with friends in 2010. Your time doesn’t cost a thing and your gift doesn’t have to add to your ecological footprint.

What’s your Favourite Homemade Luxury?

From natural soaps or festive chutney to photo albums and knitted scarves - there are countless ideas for Slow Gifts. A few ideas of gorgeous things to make with love can be found here but we want to hear and see yours. Let us know what homemade luxuries you like to offer friends and family. You can post ideas on the Resurgence Facebook page.