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Resurgence & Ecologist has a readership of approximately 30,000 people from all walks of life, and is available in libraries, bookshops and through membership. Our research shows that the vast majority of our readers regularly read the advertising pages, and respond well to adverts for products, courses and services.

Advertising terms and conditions

Classified advertisement rates per issue including VAT
Per word £1.02
Semi-display ads (boxed classifieds) £5.40
Box numbers £10.80
Copy of Resurgence & Ecologist containing your advert £5.95
Inclusion in the Resurgence On-line Classified Page for two months £10.80

25% discount for insertion of identical advertisement in three or more issues.

Copy must be received by the appropriate date.

Advertisements cannot be accepted for a specific issue after the last copy date shown above. Late submissions will be held over to the next available issue unless instructed otherwise. See our advertising terms and conditions

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