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Pangea Day
A global event bringing the world together through film. On May 10, locations in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro will be linked for a live program of powerful films, live music, and visionary speakers. The entire program will be broadcast – in seven languages – to millions of people worldwide through the internet, television, and mobile phones.


Public Meditation Project
A group dedicated to bridging the gap between art, meditation, and social activism, meditated in the streets of Chicago as part of the year-long Public Meditation Project.


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Soul of Science
16th June 2008
One week course challenging modern science.

Resurgence Summer Camp
24 - 27 July 2008
Four days of stimulating discussion, music, poetry, storytelling, crafts and walks with Resurgence readers and contributors at Green & Away.

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May/June 2008

front coverWelcome

In the May/June 2008 issue, The Money Delusion: In search of wealth, we present a special feature on financial systems and consider the true value of wealth. Our authors examine the problems, expose the money delusion and explore the alternatives.

"The purpose of money was and should be to serve the human community as well as the Earth community." Satish Kumar makes it clear that money is not wealth.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/article2441-The-Money-Delusion.html

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Shifting Values

GreenpeaceTony Juniper on why Greens may have to reconsider their beliefs. "In the face of impending mass extinction, rapid global warming and the depletion of natural resources, Tony Juniper admits it’s time for the green movement “to consider the unthinkable – to work with consumerism, rather than against it, to find common cause with multi-nationals and to do deals with the hedge funds."

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Peace with the Planet

Grow your own"We, the human species are confronting a planetary emergency - a threat to the survival of our civilisation that is gathering ominous and destructive potential."

In an extract from his Nobel Peace Prize speech, Al Gore declares that it’s time to mobilise civilisations to make the massive changes necessary to solve the problems of climate change and environmental destruction.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Good Eggs, Bad Eggs and Nest Eggs

Pension funds Peter Lang on the inner workings of investment funds and the obstacles they face when attempting to make more ethical investments.

"How can pension funds ensure that their investments are contributing to a sustainable society, rather than a destroying one?"

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

The Naked Banker

Modern banking"The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing," said Lord Josiah Smith, former Director of the Bank of England. "The process is perhaps the most astounding sleight of hand that was ever invented."

James Bruges uncovers the mystery of money creation with a simple tale.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Guerilla Bagging!

Bagging! How to get people together to make beautiful bags out of recycled materials and distribute them for free to friends, family and unsuspecting members of the public during co-ordinated mass handouts. Heralding the end of the plastic bag!

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Colours of Earth

Colours of EarthSandy Brown introduces the Appledore Visual Arts Festival – idiosyncratic, original and fun. An inspirational event that brings together acclaimed artists and the local community through exhibitions, talks, workshops and dance.

The theme of this year's festival is Earth and the festival will be a contemporary celebration of how we are all inspired and affected by our relationship with the Earth.

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Eco-terrorism Motorised toys and ‘slob recreation’ are forms of eco-terrorism. We need to ensure that public land everywhere is protected from this kind of vandalism.

Doug Tompkins on the dangers of motorised ‘wreakcreation’.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Guidance Towards Wisdom

Spiritual Compass Jordi Pigem reflects on the wisdom within Satish Kumar’s book – The Spiritual Compass, The three qualities of life. Satish's book draws on ancient Indian tradition to provide a spiritual compass able to guide us in difficult times.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Also in the May / June Issue

Enlightened Economics: Colin Tudge on the dangers of compound interest and the need to find an alternative monetary system that respects the limits of the natural world.

The Other Carbon Economy: Vandana Shiva on the ‘biodiversity paradigm’ and the need to leave ecological space for other species, for all people and for future generations.

The Power of Hope: Rupert Sheldrake interviews Charlie Murphy, co-founder of a remarkable youth programme that shares the wisdom of experience with young people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

A Shining Light: Fran Johnson portrays the life and educational philosophy of Maria Montessori.

Book Reviews
Thrilling Connections: James Clarke reviews Back on the Fire: Essays - Gary Snyder’s latest collection of stirring essays on staying alert to the world around us.

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