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Rhythms Del Mundo 'Classics'
The soundtrack of the summer! Cuban beats help keep down the heat as some of the world’s best musicians unite against climate change.
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Exhibition and workshops.
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Citizen not Consumer
The BBC's Reith Lectures for 2009 were entitled A New Citizenship. Professor Michael Sandel delivered four lectures about the prospects of a new politics of the common good. You can still catch them online at:

Schumacher College
Earth Pilgrim, 14-18 September More. . .

Schumacher College
Earth Jurisprudence and Community Resilience: Learning from Africa, September 09 More. . .

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July/August 2009

Sacred Planet

front coverThe July/August issue includes a special feature on Sacred Planet. We can relate to planet Earth either as tourists and look at the earth as a source of goods and services for our use, or we can act as Earth Pilgrims and treat the planet with reverence and gratitude.

This question is explored from many angles in the July/August issue, which is eclectic, deeply philosophical and inspiring. More. . .

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350.orgBill McKibben explains why 350 is the most important number in the world and asks for your help to combat climate change and increase awareness.

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Potent Places

potent placesThere are limits to the exploitation of the planet and the Sacred Earth ultimately has the last call. It’s time to revive the wisdom and ceremonies of our sacred places and rediscover the role of Guardians to our Sacred sites.

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Music and Place

GlacierHas the dislocation of ‘world’ music from its context in community and place led to multicultural mediocrity?

Mark Kidel, co-founder of Womad takes a critical look at the impact of ‘consuming’ music out of context.

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resilienceThe core component of the Transition movement is to develop a bottom-up, participatory process in order to build resilient communities in response to climate change and peak oil.

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Also free to read online from the July/August Issue

The Plight of the Bumblebee: life as we know it could be wiped out without bees. More

Creation Story: return to the sacred places where the Spirit Keepers live. More

Journey into Silence: retreat in the Sinai Desert. More

Adapt and Survive: creating policy to adapt to ‘Hot Earth’. More

This month's web exclusives

Free, web-only articles including:
Elephant Ecosytems: elephant habitat is reduced to fragments.
Living Legacies: embracing local ecological knowledge in Ethiopia.
Closer to the Sky: integrating human beings with their non-human parents.
Cultural Crossroads: sacred sites as acupuncture points of the planet.
Plus a selection of intriguing book reviews.

Don't miss the following articles

Guardians of the Ocean: a passion for riding the waves is the perfect way to nurture an ecological consciousness.
Laws of Origin: an interview with Macuna Indians from the Columbian Amazon.
Farm Freedom: genetically modified plants have fallen short of scientists’ predictions.

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