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Resilience and Climate Change Event  
resilience event

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In Brief

Big Green Idea
Dedicated to showing people how sustainable living can be easy, healthy and inexpensive.
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oofoo laureate

Ooffoo Laureate
Writing competition in association with Resurgence.
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Fairtrade Towns
Bring fairtrade into your community.
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Schumacher College
Walking with the Earth Pilgrim
– getting to know our Earth.
14–18 September
With Satish Kumar, Stephan Harding and Christopher Lloyd. More. . .

Friends of Resurgence
September/October 2009

Exploring Consciousness

front coverRead our special feature on Quantum Consciousness in Resurgence September/October 2009. This issue brings together leading thinkers and writers to consider consciousness as a source of spiritual and scientific wisdom.

Rupert Sheldrake explores animal consciousness, Deepak Chopra untangles the complexities of quantum physics, and Satish Kumar invites you to celebrate consciousness as a state of harmony, where we are all connected. More. . .

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To read the September/October issue in full, download from the website: www.resurgence.org/shop/backissues.html

Project Greenhands

GreenhandsIn response to deforestation, this project aims to restore the original tree coverage in Tamil Nadu through mass tree planting.

A project that educates local people about the benefits of trees, provides free saplings and supports the development of sustainable local economies.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Waves of Joy

BaulsThe Bauls of Bengal connect music, spirituality and nature. The ecstatic path of music is a way of life, which is central to their community and traditions. You can also listen to a sample of Baul music online.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Going Local

Axel illustrationAfter seven months living without money and fossil fuels Mark Boyle considers what he misses from his old life.

"I miss out on bank statements, utility bills and the inevitable traffic jam on the way home from my old stressful job."

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Also free to read online from the Sept/Oct Issue

Elephant Ecosystems: a habitat reduced to isolated fragments. More

God is Not Dead: the evolution of consciousness. More

Remaking the World: scientific certainties rewritten. More

People of the Caribou: respecting the old ways to preserve the future. More

Nature as Teacher: education for a low carbon world. More

This month's web exclusives

Free, web-only articles including:
Migrating Stones: Alyson Hallett
Colour and Hope: George Monbiot & Paul Kingsnorth
Organic Money: James Bruges
Plus more book reviews

Don't miss the following articles

Indra’s Net: Thich Nhat Hahn
Shamans, Yogi’s & Alchemists: Ralph Metzner
Wild Food: Jane Le Besque
Business for a better world: Chris Nichols & Chris Seeley

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Supper with Satish
at Riverford’s Field Kitchen, Totnes, 20 Oct. Plus, Earth Pilgrim book launch and signing. More. . .

Celebrating Thomas Berry
20 Sept
Music, dancing & reflections. More. . .

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