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What on Earth Evolved?
Test your knowledge of the natural world and raise money for Resurgence at the same time. More

Phone Co-op
Thinking of changing your phone or broadband supplier? Go ethical. More

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In Brief

Building Fragments
Big Bang Lab, Delhi City Symphony project

'Food Inc' Movie
Hungry for change

Art in Action
Fine art and craftsmanship.

Housemans Bookshop
Support the ethical alternative to Amazon.

Do the Green Thing
7 ways to a greener life – funky creative and completely guilt free!

Schumacher at Sharpham
Green Design in Practice: Building an Earthship

16 April 2010

Hawkwood College
Music Another Way with Stefan Cartwright
- an exploration of our innate music and how we can use sound and music to bring harmony to our lives and communities.
Starts 9th April 2010

Resurgence Readers Weekend
2-4 July 2010
Explore some of the key topics from Resurgence in a beautiful eco-setting. More

Friends of Resurgence
March/April 2010


front coverOver the last three decades there have been greater changes in the way we produce and consume food than in the previous 30,000 years. In the March/April issue we present a special feature on the Future of Food, taking a transatlantic perspective on the consequences of this transformation.

As part of this unique food feature, edited by Elizabeth Amrien, we look at organic and beyond, examine the role of women in agriculture, and ask ‘what is the true cost of cheap food?’

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Earth Day

Earth DayCelebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and join The Billion Acts of Green campaign to send a powerful message about our global commitment to protect the Earth. Make a commitment to an act of ‘green service’ and be part of the change.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Earth Journalism

Earth journalismGiving a voice to environmental writers living on the frontline of climate change, particularly in the global south, the annual Earth Journalism Awards support writers and raise awareness and understanding of climate change issues.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Power to Producers

power to producersFairtrade creates a space in the global economy where we can do trade differently, where social and environmental considerations are put first and the rules of the free market economy are turned upside down.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Living on Low Carbon

Mukti MitchellLiving a low-carbon lifestyle can sound like penitence, but in his new column for Resurgence, low-carbon enthusiast Mukti Mitchell explains how cutting your carbon footprint will give you a clear conscience and bring plenty of joy.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Also free to read online from the March/April Issue

Repair Project: a Gandhian approach to domestic violence. More

The True Cost of Cheap Food: Who really pays? More

Emissions Trading: cap and trade in CO2 emissions. More

Water Wisdom: alternatives for India’s water supply. More

The Divine Microcosm: Where on Earth is Heaven? More

This month's web exclusives

Exclusive articles from our Food Feature:
Get Your Hands Dirty: sustainability requires participation
The Framing Game: access to healthy food for all
The Next Food Revolution: valuing small-scale farming
Summit Without Souls: mountaineering with a conscience
Spring Menu: nature’s rich harvest
Reflective Waters: Slow Travel on the French canals

Don't miss the following articles

Our Bee Brethren: Philip Chandler
A New Food Future: Andrew Kimbrell
The Market Dogma: Guy Watson
Deep Spirit: Thomas Moore

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Desert Feast
22 – 29 March 2010
A unique journey in the Sinai Desert with Satish Kumar. More. . .

UK Aware
16 – 17 April 2010
Ideas for greener living. Discounted tickets for Resurgence readers. More. . .

Resurgence Summer Camp at Green and Away
29 July – 1 August 2010
Talks, music, dance, storytelling. More. . .

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