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Resurgence launches new e-books
The Resurgence editorial team are creating a new series of e-books, bringing together Resurgence articles on particular themes to provide analysis and a deeper understanding of these topics. The first of these looks at the themes touched upon in the epic film Avatar. It can be downloaded here: Avatar e-book

Resurgence at Festivals
Resurgence went along to The Sunrise Celebration at the beginning of June. Under a blowy gazebo and with a very tempting ice-cream van nearby, we had a great time and lots of interesting discussions. Resurgence hopes to be at more festivals in the future – watch this space . . .

What on Earth Evolved?
Test your knowledge of the natural world and raise money for Resurgence at the same time. More

Phone Co-op
Thinking of changing your phone or broadband supplier? Go ethical. More

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Free book, plus a sample copy of The Art of Healing when you take out a membership to Resurgence. The Art of Healing is dedicated to health and healing alternatives, complementary medicine and natural therapies. This offer is only available direct from our Membership Department, tel: 01208 841824.
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In Brief

10:10 Campaign goes global
Get set for a momentous day of climate change action on 10:10:10

Art in Action
Fine art and craftsmanship.

Prince Charles goes to Glastonbury
Prince Charles, accompanied by John Sauven, Chief Executive of Greenpeace, has paid a visit to the King of festivals; Glastonbury.

Schumacher College
Gaia’s garden: Summer in the Schumacher grounds

Practical skills for sustainable local foods
18-22 July

Yarner Trust
Herbal Remedies
: Identify and use local medicinal plants
23 July

Ceridwen Centre, South Wales
Peoplecare and Permaculture
:This course is not about growing veggies its about growing YOU
25 September - 1 October

Friends of Resurgence
July/August 2010

Sustaining Life

front coverIn the July/August issue of Resurgence, we recognise the need for planetary health in order to sustain human health. We are part of the planet and need to look after the macrocosm Earth that our microcosm body depends on. Our health special addresses this issue, as well as looking at medicines from nature and how nature may hold the key to tackling depression.

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Passion flowersMedicines from Nature

Joanna Eede from Survival International looks at medicinal plants found in nature, from which many modern day medicines are derived. If we do not protect the land rights of tribal people, we may lose touch with their vast wealth of knowledge and potential future cures.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Unlocking the griefUnlocking the Grief

Environmental arts therapist, Ian Siddons Heginworth, looks at how unresolved grief may be the emotion behind many mental health issues, and how expression of this grief can transform and empower. If we consciously acknowledge our grief we can take courage and carve a path for change.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Ecology of growthThe Ecology of Growth

Nick Robins explains how traditional models of economics are being challenged, and how a clear strategy for social and environmental transformation is beginning to emerge. Increasing amounts of ‘stuff’ are failing to bring happiness and well-being, and instead are bringing environmental shocks like peak oil and climate change.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

MythologyA Mythology for Our Time

JRR Tolkein’s epic The Lord of The Rings offers causes and solutions to our modern day problems, writes Caspar Walsh. This beautifully-crafted fable inspires us to believe change is possible, as it affects our conscious and unconscious being.

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Also free to read online from the July/August Issue

Ocean Waste: a boat made from plastic bottles raises awareness of marine pollution. More

Eternal Beauty: Investigating the nature of beauty. More

Italian Renaissance Drawings: Celebrating the synthesis of art, Nature and science. More

Scrumping in the Rose Garden: recipes that bring flowers to our table. More

A Missed Opportunity: A review of Solar More

This month's web exclusives

Lighter Later: Extending our daylight hours could cut the carbon we use.
Power Wellies: Eco-friendly mobile phone chargers that rely on foot power.
Biodiversity and Wellbeing: Biodiversity loss will affect human survival.
The Gift of True Health: Homeopathic principles that heal beyond mind and body.
Hidden Gems: book review of The Forager Handbook: A Guide to the Edible Plants of Britain

Don't miss the following articles only in print

Sustaining Life: EO Wilson
Ecological Health: Ted Schettler
Health Care Without Harm: Harriet Griffey
Dismantling Development: Wolfgang Sachs
The Language of Flowers: Philip Vann
A Sacred Symbol: Jerry Glover

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Our Future Planet (OFP)
is the only online community that enables you to share ideas, design your future, and create change in the real world. The OFP website is designed to inform, inspire and encourage people to create positive visions for the future and develop the systems needed to get us there.

OFP is a community for planetary citizens, where you can make connections with people who have mutual interests and passions. The website empowers individuals to cooperate to bring ideas to life through creating actions, projects and petitions to facilitate change.

Finour future planet logod out more about OFP unique work, focusing on solutions and a positive vision for the future: www.ourfutureplanet.org


Schumacher College
Permaculture and Society:
The example of Detroit – An open evening with Rhamis Kent
Tuesday 20 July, 2010
More. . .

Resurgence Summer Camp at Green and Away
29 July – 1 August 2010
Talks, music, dance, storytelling. More. . .

Tribe of Doris
10 – 15 August 2010
Celebrating Spirit through music, dance, song and ceremony. Travel the world meeting and learning from indigenous tribes, musicians and dancers without the need for a plane ticket! Over 40 workshops a day, with inspirational teachers from across the globe. A participatory event with open mic performances, jamming, ceremonies, plus a health and relaxation zone and creative youth activities. More. . .

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