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Tagore Festival
Visit the new Tagore website for updates and bookings. More

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School of Total Education
An interview with Satish Kumar Listen here

What on Earth Evolved?
Test your knowledge of the natural world and raise money for Resurgence at the same time. More

Phone Co-op
Thinking of changing your phone or broadband supplier? Go ethical. More

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what on earth

What on Earth Wall Book
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Better World Books
Recycled books for literacy projects

Virtuous Bread
An interview with Peter Owen Jones

A Better World is Possible
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Schumacher College
Green Design in Practice
21 March 2011

Yarner Trust
Exotic Bread
12 March 2011

Sharpham Trust
Write to Freedom

Writing and meditation workshops with Caspar Walsh

Friends of Resurgence
January/February 2011

Welcome front cover
Leadership - Opening a New Dialogue

In our special issue on Leadership, we look at how good leadership can serve our planet and our society. Guest edited by Sharon Turnbull, feature articles explore what it means to be a ‘good’ leader – from encouraging potential in others, to using the right language. We celebrate the achievements of leaders in the world today, and look at the inspiration and motivation that drives them.

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Inuit artWe Are All Leaders

A good leader is not a rare hero, not an ego-driven dictator, not a self-conscious superstar, not a self-centred celebrity or a power-manic manager, but a humble host to humanity – a servant of the Earth and an ever-vigilant conscience of the people.

Satish Kumar explores the meaning of true leadership and awakens the leader in us all.

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

London as VenicePostcards from the Future

How will climate change affect the landscape around us? The London Future Exhibition takes a provocative look at the impact of Climate Change on London – with views of the Royal Mall flanked by windturbines, London as 'Venice' impacted by floods and Buckingham Palace surrounded by shanty towns.

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Big Save

A Lifetime of Activism

Are good leaders born or made? James Arnold-Baker profiles the activist Karl Jaeger, who teaches that collaboration must replace competition if the human race is to survive, and asks 'Is man intelligent enough to make this vital transition?

More: www.resurgence.org/magazine/

Mithila ArtWho Will Feed the World?

From field to kitchen, from seed to food, Indian women's strength is in diversity – which is why genetically engineered crops only serve to disempower them. Vandana Shiva reveals the truth behind the the media hype that claims GM crops have 'liberated India women'.

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Also free to read online from the Jan/Feb Issue

Leaders as Dreamers: Introducing a trio of young, inspiring leaders. More

The Power of Language: Words are as critical as actions for a good leader. More

Homeward Bound: Peace can be found anywhere when your mind is at rest. More

This month's web exclusives

Leading in Kibera: The founder of Carolina for Kibera tells his story.
Anything is possible: A young Igorot leader talks about a new kind of leadership.
New Generation Leadership: The founder of Foodcycle shares his passion and vision.
Huichol Indian Art: Exploring the sacred meaning behind the Huichol yarn painting.
The Resurgence Story: Celebrating 45 years of Resurgence.

Don't miss the following articles only in print

The Plastic Beach: Lorna Howarth
The Paradox of Price: Nick Robins
The Making of Harmony: Ian Skelly
Coming of Age: Rumini Sekhar

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Tagore Festival
May 2011
A festival of arts, craft and culture to celebrate the life of Rabindranath Tagore.
More. . .

Torrington, Devon
The Hard Rain Project
20 January 2011
Reinvent the modern world so it’s compatible with nature and human nature. The internationally acclaimed environmentalist Mark Edwards gives his Hard Rain documentary presentation. Supported by Resurgence magazine.
More. . .

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