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What would an ideal world look like and how could we get there? That's the question we pose in our Nov/Dec issue of Resurgence & Ecologist. 

In an increasingly turbulent world the concept of Utopia continues to fascinate and inspire. Nicole Pohl traces the growth of utopian ideas and looks at why they remain so powerful.

We also take stock of Brexit and consider what kind of society we could now build. In a special feature, Jonathon Porritt issues a clarion call to the green movement; Paul Kingsnorth examines the values of local democracy; Helena Norberg-Hodge puts the debate into a global context; and Sarah Beattie-Smith reports from Scotland, where devolution from Westminster may have unexpected consequences. 

In our arts pages, Peter Abbs explores the poetry of Thomas Hardy, Emma Crichton-Miller discovers a new foundation dedicated to the landscape paintings of Tony Foster and Matt Harvey shares his reflections on the Quakers in his poem "Something of God". 

Many of the articles from our Nov/Dec issue are available to read in full on the Resurgence website, so do take a look. We've selected some highlights for you in this newsletter. 
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Energy News

Kara Moses reports on the increase in renewable energy sources and the rise of investment in solar technology across the globe, but warns this is no time for complacency - the G7 nations must honour the Paris Agreement and keep their pledge to end 'inefficient' fossil fuel subsidies within the decade.

Going Against the Grain

Oliver Tickell interviews John Letts, a remarkable farmer and archaeobotanist who is working to restore the diversity of crops - a diversity that has been decimated by plant breeders and industrial agriculture. Restoring genetic diversity is essential if we are to meet the climate challenges ahead. 

Small is Still Beautiful

Paul Kingsnorth, co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project, berates progressive green thinkers who were seduced by the EU and urges the greens to seize the moment, reclaim their radical roots and take the lead on Brexit. 

A rare, in-depth pro-brexit article challenging traditional 'green' views on Europe.  

Madness, Myth and Metaphor

In a personal account of manic depression, Jay Griffith reflects on the connections she made between madness, the mythical world, and the power of metaphors drawn from nature.   
"At the beginning of this madness, my main metaphor was ocean, as I felt I was at the shoreline before the tsunami; later, I felt like a broken boat in a sea surges of storm, surrounded by waves which could wreck me."
Seeing the Wood for the Trees

India Windsor-Clive reports on Jerwood Open Forest, a new arts initiative that showcases bold works by new artists in forest locations. 

A unique project where there is no brief and submissions can be of any discipline. The art work created so far demonstrate how art can engage and connect us more directly with nature.

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