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In our March/April 2017 issue you'll find a rich mix of articles, news, arts and book reviews.

Topics in this issue include 'junk fashion' and it's impact on environment; conservation and why nature and beauty are essential for spiritual wellbeing; and a journey through the history of non-violent campaigning.

In our Ecologist section, Thembi Mutch profiles Janet Maro, an agricultural activist in Tanzania, and Susan Canney reports on efforts to save elephants from poaching in a country trying to overcome terrorism and political turmoil.

We also feature the David Hockney's exhibition at Tate Britain, an update on solar technology; the need to protect sacred mountains; and 'Handmade: Stories of Strength to Share through Recipes'.

Many of the articles from our March/April issue are available to read in full on the Resurgence website, so do take a look. We've selected some highlights for you in this newsletter... 
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Soft Songs Can Sound A New Dawn

Mark Constantine, co-founder of Lush cosmetics, shares his passion for the dawn chorus and encourages us all to listen to more birdsong, everyday.

He also warns that we must redress the damage to our environment if we wish to preserve the joy of listening to birdsong for the next generation and beyond.

The online article includes links so you can listen to bird song while reading the article.

Manifesto For The Green Mind

Jules Pretty sets out an action plan that will engage people with Nature and result in healthier, more sustainable and more enjoyable living for everyone.

The plan is aimed at institutions, communities and individuals and the first call to action is: "Every child outdoors every day". An essential message for our time.

Sweden's Shift from Fast to Thrift

We live in an age of excessive consumerism and disposable everything. In Sweden they have introduced tax incentives to encourage people to repair a host of items from household goods to bicycles, to fridges and ovens.

Richard Orange reports on an initiative that looks set to boom - and not just in Sweden.   

Down the Road

In his regular Diary column for Resurgence & Ecologist, Leo Johnson, co-presenter of Radio 4's Future Proofing, recalls his journey in a driverless car through the streets of Singapore, plays blind cricket, and wonders if technology really can solve the problem of air pollution in Delhi.  

Eclectic and entertaining as ever.
A Scent of Renewal in Hong Kong

Satish Kumar finds a new movement towards simplicity and sustainability in Hong Kong. If you look behind the high-rise buildings, the big banks and the mega-businesses there is a community of ecologists, environmentalists and conservationists working to restore the environment.

Resurgence Summer Camp is back!

Join us for an uplifting weekend of talks, music, workshops and poetry with the theme: building community - sharing solutions.

Satish Kumar and Leo Johnson are keynote speakers; Matt Harvey will entertain us with his eclectic poems and we welcome Ombiviolum with their unique Afro-Celtic fusion of sounds. New this year - African dance workshop with Ombiviolum.

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