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New Internationalist NI528: A Caring Economy, Nov/Dec 2020

New Internationalist NI528: A Caring Economy, Nov/Dec 2020

In this edition of New Internationalist magazine, the editors argue that even caregivers - whether they be parents or nurses, cleaners or neighbours - have their limits. With the world in the midst of a deepening crisis of care, accelerated by Covid-19, what would it mean to have an economy focused on care?


Care is what keeps us all going. It's skilled, emotional, exhausting, rewarding work that props up our lives, households, communities and economies. Yet care-work disproportionately carried out by women and then most marginalized, is also massively undervalued and ignored across the world. While growth and profit remain the priority of our economies, care of people and the planet are relegated to the sidelines.


This issue also includes articles on the Food-bank scandal going global; The politics of blackness; How Covid-19 is killing indigenous people.


84 pages

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