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New Internationalist NI529: The Biodiversity Emergency, Jan/Feb 2021

New Internationalist NI529: The Biodiversity Emergency, Jan/Feb 2021

Nature restores, but is itself in need of restoration. Due to our constant commodification of the natural world we are erasing huge chunks of its awe-inspiring variety and damaging ourselves in the process. This edition's big story amplifies some of the concerns of those who live closest to nature, while attempting to get to grips with the complex challenges involved if we want to stop biodiversity's catastrophic decline. In the words of author Lucy Jones, we can no longer view nature as 'a luxury, an extra, a garnish.'

This issue includes articles on the election battle in Uganda; deep flaws of ‘net-zero’ targets; the uncertain future of the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict; and the rise in assaults on journalists and what it means for democracy.

84 pages

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