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The Best (including quite the worst) of Didymus

The Best (including quite the worst) of Didymus

For thirty years, within the pages of Resurgence, John Moat has contributed levity to the serious business of imprinting a green complexion on what planet earth claims as consciousness. The sustainability of the Didymus column has served as a keynote for the entire alternative movement. But had the movement followed the exemplar more closely it might by now have startled itself with its own sparkle, its contrary vision, its range of questionable authority, its self-constructive irreverence and its capacity to approach what is serious and urgent by way of the utterly ridiculous.

Just such a kaleidoscope is reflected in this collection of thirty-six tracts from the Didymus compendium. Guaranteed to crack a smile on the face of even the most jaded cynic; this beautifully-crafted book, with never a word in excess or a story simply told is full of multi-layered meanderings brimful of insight, humour and candour. A joy to read - this book will be savoured and revisited, like a favourite view or a good local pub.

John Moat has written the Didymus column in Resurgence for nigh on thirty years. He is author of some twenty books (novels, short stories, poetry); is Co-Founder of the Arvon Foundation, The Yarner Trust and TANDEM (a teachers’ and artists’ collaborative).

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