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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Resurgence has cancelled all events at the Resurgence centre during March, April and May. The centre is currently closed. We will review and update this situation based on official guidelines. Please look out for notifications.

An exciting new series of Resurgence talks and courses at the Resurgence environmental education centre in Hartland, North Devon.

Resurgence Hartland Talks Resurgence Hartland Courses Satish Kumar Talks

Resurgence Talks, Hartland

A monthly programme of Resurgence talks will cover a range of issues including the environment, arts, wellbeing and ethical living. Everyone is welcome.

Talks begin at 19:30 and take place at The Resurgence Centre, Fore Street, Hartland, Bideford EX39 6AB

Tea and coffee will be served.

To book tickets follow the link for each talk.

Forthcoming Talks

Brendan Montague, Editor of the Ecologist

James Szymankiewicz, GP and Director of Strategy at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Mukti Mitchell, founder of Mitchell & Dickinson and low carbon living expert

Resurgence Short Courses

An exciting new series of short courses at the new environmental education centre in Hartland, North Devon. Our programme will cover a range of issues including the environment, arts, wellbeing and ethical living.

Courses take place at The Resurgence Centre, Fore Street, Hartland, Bideford EX39 6AB unless otherwise stated.

Short Courses Programme

Balanced Beekeeping for All

12-13 Sep 2020

Beekeeping Course

Venue: The Resurgence Centre, Fore Street, Hartland, EX39 6AB

Balanced Beekeeping is a perfect course for beginners and intermediate beekeepers. This course focuses on the Top Bar hive and how this wonderful design can help you to keep bees in an organic way, balanced with the needs of the bees and the environment.

Phil Chandler is one of the South West's best beekeeping brains and has been teaching beekeeping for many years, he brings a remarkable depth of experience. The course is ideal for the aspiring apiarist or those looking to change from more conventional hive designs. It covers everything you will need to know to get you through your first year or two of keeping bees, from hive design and building to catching swarms to dealing with pests organically. You will have access to 5 thriving top bar hives colonies to see how this hive design works and the ease of hive management. You will also see a Flow Hive to consider alternative designs.

The course covers

Satish Kumar Talks

The Power of Humility

14 Apr 20

Satish Kumar: Humility

The word humility is derived from a Latin word related to the word humus, which means soil. The same root is for the word human. So, humility is a prerequisite for humanity, through humility we celebrate and enhance all our relationships. Humility connects, arrogance divides and separates. We need to shift from separation to union.

The Power of Generosity

19 May 20

Satish Kumar: Generosity

We have been blessed with the generosity of our ancestors, so that we can enjoy the arts, architecture, culture and much more. We benefit from the generosity of our friends and family members, we need to reciprocate that generosity to others. Generosity of spirit is the way of joyful living.

The Power of Forgiveness

16 Jun 20

Satish Kumar: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves; we forgive ourselves and forgive everybody. Forgiveness makes us free from guilt, grudges and carrying the burdens of the past. With forgiveness we can move forward and enter into new and fresh relationships.

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