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Being an Earth Pilgrim DVD

Being an Earth Pilgrim DVD

Being an Earth Pilgrim is a landmark documentary series of six hour-long conversations that chronicle and celebrate the life and work of teacher, peace activist and leader, Satish Kumar.

The message at the heart of Satish’s teaching is that individuals can and do change the world for the better. Satish’s words and teachings offer rich inspiration and guidance to help us meet the seemingly insurmountable challenges we currently face.

In conversation with Jane Davidson, Satish speaks candidly and in depth about his philosophy, influences and inspiration. From his incredible peace walk of 8,000 miles without a penny in his pocket; to setting up the world renowned Schumacher College; to his latest book Soil, Soul, Society; Satish leads us through the journey of his life and his own inspirations stretching back to Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Vinoba Bhave.

This series is a unique legacy of his lifetime of learning and an invaluable toolkit for practical action. Filmed at Satish’s home and Schumacher College in the summer of 2015, these six hours of rich, deep, engrossing conversations will change the way you see the world and your place in it as you return to them again and again.

This series was filmed and produced by Emergence, in association with Resurgence & Ecologist, Culture Colony, Schumacher College and Volcano Theatre.

Total run time: 360 minutes.

Available to buy as a 2 DVD boxed set, or as a computer download.

Watch the trailer for Being an Earth Pilgrim.

What people have said about the DVD:

“I have to congratulate you and thank you for making this very special and powerful film.”
“The DVD’s look amazing! Well done for pulling all this together and producing such a fabulous work of art.”
“Congratulations for the work! I just finished watching the 6 episodes of the Satish Kumar documentary: ‘Being an Earth Pilgrim’. Such an inspiring work. It is riveting!”


Being and Earth Pilgrim DVD

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