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Living Cities
The November/December 2021 issue

In this issue we are marking COP26 with a special issue dedicated to cities. Currently, more than half the world's population live in cities - a number expected to rise to over two thirds by 2030. Cities are energy hungry, and major emitters of greenhouse gas emissions. As well as being a cause of the crisis, however, with better planning, transport and food, cities are also part of the solution.

Features include: Laura Haynes imagines city life through a prism of past, present and future; Brendan Montague explains why we urgently need to abandon the Petropolis and create the Ecopolis; and Saumya Roy reports on life in Mumbai's waste mountains.

In Wisdom & Wellbeing, Jini Reddy takes a walk and finds magic in the city and Nat Mady shares tips on urban gardening; whilst in Arts Ellie Harrison discusses public transport and art activism in Manchester.

We hope you enjoy our selection of free articles from this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.

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Featured articles from the latest issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

A New Age

Herbert Girardet considers the spread of urbanisation and its impact on the wellbeing of people and the global environment. He explains why regenerative urban systems are the key to solving the crises of our times and calls for a new, integrated approach to planetary stewardship.

A Century-long Traffic Jam

Written before recent fuels shortages in the UK highlighted just how dependent our transport systems are on oil, James Marriott explores the role of oil in shaping our cities. He welcomes initiatives and campaigns dedicated to reducing our dependence on carbon and leading us away from the perils of 'Oil City'.

Equality - Our Hope for a Future

Mothiur Rahman exposes the impacts of institutional inequality and the restrictions created by the allocation of resources by central government. He introduces a new municipalism and looks at how cities can be restructured so they better serve the local community - giving agency to people within their own communities.

Building Blocks

At COP26 there will be renewed focus on the role of the built environment in mitigating climate change. Catherine Early reports on a collaboration to bring key industry stakeholders together to campaign for greater resilience and set tough targets, including 100% of new buildings being net zero by 2030.

Positive Growth

Nat Mady introduces Hackney Herbal a project set up to celebrate the diversity of the area through a shared appreciation of the plants that people use culturally. Hackney Herbal provides a space where people can learn and share knowledge about growing and offer a moment of escape from urban life.

Time To Rebuild

Satish Kumar calls for cities to be redesigned so that all citizens have access to wild Nature - creating more spaces to grow food; reframing transport systems and encouraging walking; and reclaiming city neighbourhoods - where communities and those within them can flourish.

Picture Credits

Cover image: Artwork by Cat O'Neil/Killington Arts; A New Age: Illustration by Irene Rinaldi; A Century-long Traffic Jam: Illustration by Emmanuel Lafont/BBC Worklife 'Unknown Questions'; Equality - Our Hope for a Future: Illustrations by Yasmine Gateau; Building Blocks: Illustration by David Fleck; Positive Growth: Photograph courtesy of Hackney Herbal; Time to Rebuild: Garden Interlude, 2019 by Jill Thomson.

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