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Building Back Hope
The May/June 2021 issue

In this issue, we look at a 'Green Recovery'. It can be easy to feel that 'building back better' is an impossible dream, but as our feature articles show, we are already building the foundations.

We hear from Change the Rules, a project mapping communities developing local economic models to protect the planet. Jonathan Neale explores the need for global solidarity over 'climate jobs' to forge a green transition, and think tank 'Common Wealth' helps us visualise what tenement life in Glasgow would look like under a green recovery.

Lesley Riddoch calls for a renaissance of the Scottish hut to better connect us with Nature, and Katie Dancey-Downs describes how young people are setting the stage for eco-activism in theatres.

By connecting with each other to rebuild our communities and connection with Nature, we can create a Green Recovery and show others what a better future can look like.

We hope you enjoy our selection of free articles from this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.

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Featured articles from the latest issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine


Defending our Forests

Helen Dancer invites us to rethink the Rights of Nature. Is this the most effective way to protect the environment? Can we reimagine how ecological approaches to law can be developed, and how power can be shared more equitably for the benefit of the natural world?


Cabin Fever

Research has demonstrated the health benefits of time spent in Nature. What better time to find space to reconnect and enjoy time in the wild? Taking inspiration from Nordic tradition, Lesley Riddoch calls for a revival of wooden huts - as place to retreat from our busy lives.


Reframing Economics

Perpetual economic growth is impossible on a finite planet. To move beyond the current economic paradigm, we need a fundamental rethink. Herbert Girardet puts forward a 12-point plan to reframe economics with human wellbeing and healthy ecosystems at the core.


Working For A Future

How can we tackle climate change and create a more just world? Jonathan Neale calls for an ambitious, solidarity movement focused on creating 'climate jobs' across the globe and argues that, "People in the south will be lost without a mass radical movement in the north".


Words of the Wise

Miguel Mendonça reflects on a turbulent year and searches for solace in wisdom. He seeks out the wise, and asks, "What is wisdom?" and "Who are the wisest right now?". He emerges from this journey with an empowering perspective to share.


Staging the Climate Storm

It's not always easy for theatre-makers to depict environmental issues. Playwrite and activist Polly Creed finds a way to link environmental and social concerns in a dramatic retelling of events in Brightlingsea, Essex - where activists stopped live animal exports in 1995.

Picture Credits

Cover image: Illustration by Cécile Girardin @cecilegirardin; Defending our Forests: Arboreal 2 by Andy Lovell; Cabin Fever: Spilled Sunlight by Cat Moore; Reframing Economics: Illustration © Matt Harrison Clough / Ikon Images; Working For A Future: Illustration by Sjoerd van Leeuwen; Words of the Wise: Flow, woodblock print © Abigail Wilson, 2019; Staging the Climate Storm: Photograph © Ali Wright Photography

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