Navigating Climate Anxiety
The November/December 2023 issue

In this special themed issue, we tackle eco-anxiety and explore ways in which we can navigate these difficult feelings. We examine too the new idea of ‘solastalgia' which takes the concept of eco-anxiety a step further to examine the lived experience of dealing with the impacts of climate change.

In the Ecologist pages Rashi Goel reports on a restoration project that is bringing an arid desert wasteland, near the Indian city of Jodhpur, back to a place that is now teeming with life. Whilst in Connected Life, Lynn Houghton joins other Citizen Scientists to work with researchers on the trail of the elusive Cloud Wolf in remote Manitoba, central Canada.

In The Slow Read, author and activist Koohan Paik-Mander puts forward a case against megatechnology and warns that the time to stop AI in its tracks is now. She goes on to call for a new paradigm of holism that recognises that everything exists in relation to everything else.

Within Wisdom and Wellbeing natural chef Adria Wu shares her seasonal, superfood mince pie recipe and our Art & Culture pages feature an interview with Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller about creating communities through the magic of art.

We hope you enjoy our selection of free articles from this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.

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Featured articles from the latest issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

No More Playing Nice...

Activist and environmental writer Jan Goodey welcomes the next steps in civil resistance protesting the continued dominance of fossil fuels. "This strategy of playing within the system aids the State's ability to quell dissent and manage resistance, rather than generating any real threat to the systems of domination."

Tuning in to Nature

A shared passion for both trees and song inspired artist Emily Unsworth White and musician and songwriter Maz McNamara to create the Hedgesong Collective. An open-ended and participatory project, The Hedgesong Collective recognises the power of song to both build communities and be a vehicle for knowledge and celebration.

In the Borderlands

As the European Union introduces measures to regulate the fashion industry, Brendan Montague reports on this year's ‘Fashion in Helsinki' event. He meets young fashion designers challenging traditional boundaries between art, design and fashion – bringing together weaving, tailoring and mending with new techniques and materials.

What is Solastalgia?

Unlike eco-anxiety, which considers the dread of climatic change to come, ‘solastalgia' describes "a place-based lived experience" of environmental change focused in the present. Through this lens, the Land Body Ecologies network explores the lived experiences of land trauma, of marginalised, Indigenous and land-dependent communities globally.

A Crisis of Connection

Katie Hodgetts, founder of The Resilience Project, believes that a crisis of connection lies at the heart of climate anxiety and it is imperative that we talk about these feelings to each other. She asks, "How do we build spaces to incubate climate action, that by their very nature make us feel hopeful and supported?"

The Plant's the Star

Natural chef Adria Wu makes a plant the star of every dish. As we approach the festive season the humble Brussels sprout gets its day in the spotlight and superfood mince pies can take centre stage. Adria brings us an exotic twist to seasonal recipes.

Picture Credits

Cover image: This Shifting Earth, 2021 by Kim Anderson; No More Playing Nice: Illustration by Sébastien Thibault; Tuning in to Nature: Artwork by Molly Lemon: In the Borderlands: Linen dress by Ruusa Vuori Photo: Sofia Okkonen; What is Solastalgia?: Geoffrey (Kikoko) GPS, Bwindi Hub, Uganda © Image courtesy Invisible Flock; A Crisis of Connection: Illustration by Maya Adams; The Plant's the Star: Illustrations by Lorin Cinar.

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