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Tipping point
The September/October 2021 issue

In this issue we look at 'net zero' and question whether this has become the catchphrase for politicians and businesses worldwide wanting to demonstrate their commitment to solving the climate crisis. As the UK prepares to host COP26 we ask if this goal is 'greenwash' or our only hope of keeping global temperatures to under 1.5°C.

In the Ecologist section, Tim Saunders looks at global CO2 targets ahead of COP26; Magid Magid introduces the Union of Justice – a European, independent, people-of-colour-led organisation dedicated to racial justice and climate justice; and Julia Travers reports from the US on a campaign to create more tree cover – for everyone.

Our Keynotes features a rare interview between conservationist and environmentalist, Mya-Rose Craig and Jane Goodall. In Wisdom & Wellbeing Venerable Thích Thanh Huân explains how caging birds causes bad karma and in Arts Bay Garnett speaks to Livia Firth, a sustainability consultant who is turning the red carpet green.

We hope you enjoy our selection of free articles from this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.

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Featured articles from the latest issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

Getting Word Out

A new campaign from Writers Rebel is teaming high-profile writers with well-loved and emerging visual artists to create landscape graffiti with a powerful ecological message. Writers Rebel are encouraging affiliated environmental groups to get involved.

Tree Equity

Julia Travers reports from the US on a campaign highlighting the need for Tree Equity - having enough trees in an area so that everyone can experience the health, climate and economic benefits. Not just raising awareness, the campaign is also creating more tree cover - for everyone.

A Seat at the Table

"The fight for climate justice requires a collective effort, and if we really want to bring the climate crisis to an end, we must urgently place the people on the frontline of its harshest effects at the heart of the conversation." Magid Magid introduces the work of a new organisation 'Union of Justice' aiming to do just that.

Emissions Test

Catherine Early introduces our special feature on 'net zero', exploring what it means and whether it can set the stage for a liveable future. As more governments, cities, companies and institutions commit to reducing emissions, detractors are condemning the concept of 'net zero' as a "dangerous trap".

Shifting Power

If we are to effect real change there must be a radical "power shift". Marianne Brooker considers who currently holds power and what needs to change - advocating for a transition to community-owned and community-led solutions that put people before profit.

Turning the Red Carpet Green

Stylist Bay Garnett interviews Livia Firth, founder and creative director of Eco-Age, about her passion for sustainable fashion, the impact of the 'Green Carpet Challenge', and why we should all buy less. The fast fashion industry is ripe for change and Eco-Age are leading the way.

Picture Credits

Cover image: Balance 3, screen print, by Tom Pigeon; Getting Word Out: On the Shore by Ackroyd & Harvey and Ben Okri. Photo by by Andy Sewell; Tree Equity: Illustration by Steffen Kraft; A Seat at the Table: Photograph by Joe Brusky, for the Overpass Light Brigade; Emissions Test: Illustration by Federica Bordoni; Shifting Power: Illustration by Gary Waters/Ikon Images; Turning the Red Carpet Green: Artwork by Jacinda Martinez

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