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Call of the Wild
The May/June 2023 issue

In this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we take a listen to the 'Call of the wild'. Artist Jim Naughten shares his vision of Eremozoic - the Age of Loneliness with wildlife canvases as disturbing as they are beautiful. Ecologist editor Brendan Montague steps into an 'educational wilderness experience' in the African bush where his biggest surprise is his own response to the wild; whilst wild traveller Angela Maxwell describes learning how to deftly find her way across the wilds of the Australian desert - and her own life - by listening with her feet, and her heart.

The Slow Read is a call to action by John Pearce, author of Gaia: A Faith for the Future, in which he shares his plan to build an environmental Movement with a capital 'M'. In The Ecologist pages Anna Badkhen and others share what they see as the harrowing environmental fallout from the war in Ukraine; whilst in Connected Life Abigail Entwistle, from Fauna & Flora International, argues that it is time for a more diverse recognition of what Nature conservation takes and what actually works.

In our Wisdom and Wellbeing section artist Matthew Shaw, one of the founders of the Stone Club, shares how a thriving community and inclusive space has been created based on a shared reverence for ancient stones. Our Wild Arts section features an interview by Anna Souter with artist Ingela Ihrman who talks about her extraordinary new sculpture at the Eden Project which is designed to disappear.

As we explore the theme 'Call of the wild' through the pages of our May/June issue, the invitation is to ask: what does wild mean to you?

We hope you enjoy our selection of free articles from this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.

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Featured articles from the latest issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

Mutual Aid in Action

Just Stop Oil activist and academic Jan Goodey, who was sent to prison for his role in causing disruption to the M25 motorway last year, says that, despite the deprivations, he would do the same again. In prison he finds mutual aid in action and unbelievable kindness from prisoners.

Bristol 2023: A Global Movement for Change Comes of Age

Bringing together Earth-based wisdom with clear political strategies, and grassroots examples with the seeds of a new worldview, the Planet Local Summit, taking place in Bristol in October 2023, will be a pivotal moment for those who believe in the possibility of real systems change. Helena Norberg-Hodge explains why local is the key to change.

Into the wild

For many, the idea of wildlife is limited to what they see on TV, in zoos or on safari. But when Brendan Montague accepts an invitation to step into an 'educational wilderness experience' in the African bush, his biggest surprise is his own response to the wild.

Portraits through plants

Annie Warburton explores the work of ceramicist Katie Spragg, who understands that people connect with wild plants as symbols of resilience and hope, especially when charged with caring for others. Her work invites us to appreciate what is overlooked and to remember to care for 'our own wild natures'.

Stone Club

Musician and artist Matthew Shaw shares how he stumbled on a way of creating not only a thriving and eclectic community, but also a new inclusive space based on our shared reverence for and love of ancient stones. Stone Club aims to bring new perspectives to prehistory in a collaborative and inclusive way.

The golden misfit

The medicine of the dandelion is potent and loving, and lifetimes could be spent delving into its generosity. But the greatest medicine of all, writes Brigit Anna McNeill, is this wild weed's reminder of the wild spirit within us all. Brigit also shares some earthy dandelion recipes.

Picture Credits

Cover image: Mule Deer, 2021 © Jim Naughten; Mutual aid in action: Illustration © Roy Scott / Ikon Images; Bristol 2023 - a global movement for change comes of age: Illustration by Luisa Rivera; Into the wild: Artwork by Tichaona Ncube; Portraits through plants: Wild strawberry and roots by Katie Spragg, photo courtesy the artist; Stone Club: Painting by Sarah Vivian; The golden misfit: Photo by Brigit Anna McNeill.

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