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The Future in Our Hands
The January/February 2022 issue

In this issue we look at Rewilding. We feature an interview with conservationist Isabella Tree and a piece by Fiona MacIsaac and Magnus Davidson about why Scotland's rewilding plans should utilise Gaelic to inform the debate.

In the Ecologist section Brendan Montague explains how tougher rules on fossil fuel investments could help avert economic disaster and Jonathan Neale looks at what comes after COP26. In Connected Life Laurie King finds out how young people are turning eco-anxiety into empowerment and Gary Cook meets former tree surgeon turned activist Robin Walter.

Our Feature Story is the winner of the essay competition 'Education As If People and Planet Matter', launched to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Schumacher College. In Wisdom and Wellbeing Sandor Katz introduces us to perpetual pickling delights with a turmeric paste fermentation recipe; and in Art and Culture Anna Souter speaks to Zadok Ben-David about his new exhibition Natural Reserve at Kew Gardens.

We hope you enjoy our selection of free articles from this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.

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Featured articles from the latest issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

Banking on our Future

"The ongoing finance and insurance of fossil fuels in pursuit of short-term profits represents an existential threat to the life-support systems on which our civilisation depends." Brendan Montague calls out the failure to regulate investment in fossil fuels and explains how tougher rules could help avert economic disaster.

Express Connection

A survey of young people in ten countries revealed that 59% were extremely worried about climate change. Eco-anxiety is growing and creating safe spaces for connection and expression is one way to mitigate the impact on mental health. Laurie King visits The Visionaries project in London doing just that.

Free Wheeling

Cycling is booming and has become the transport choice of many wanting to escape lockdown restrictions and explore their local area. PL Henderson looks at how cycling helped women's emancipation in the early 19th Century, and why "Cycling is still an act of brave female defiance against gendered restrictions in many areas."

The Wasp Lesson

Matt Carmichael's essay is the winner of the competition 'Education As If People and Planet Matter', launched to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Schumacher College. Matt asks, "What kind of education system tells you about subjunctive clauses before you are twelve, but never explains why we need wasps?"

Connecting our Landscape

In a special feature on Rewilding, Coreen Grant speaks to pioneer Isabella Tree about the Knepp Estate and its evolution from unprofitable agricultural land to a rewilded landscape teaming with endangered species. Isabella Tree shares her thoughts on farming, development and why prioritising Nature recovery is urgent.

Three Steps to Change the World

Satish Kumar looks back at the emergence of the environment movement and what is needed now to persuade politicians and entrepreneurs to accept ethical and ecological values. The answer is simple: Be the Change, Communicate the Change and Organise the Change.

Picture Credits

Cover image: Sunflower, linoprint by Rosanna Morris: ; Banking on Our Future: Photographs courtesy of Coal Action; Express Connection: Artwork by Seán Fitzgerald; Free Wheeling: Illustration by adams carvalho; The Wasp Lesson: Illustration by Xuan Loc Xuan; Connecting our Landscape: Isabella Tree by Francesco Guidicini; Three Steps to Change the World: Artwork by Molly Lemon.

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