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Audio CD Life is a Pilgrimage: Fireside Chats (Schumacher College)

Audio CD Life is a Pilgrimage: Fireside Chats (Schumacher College)

How can we transform ordinary, everyday life into a spiritual extraordinary life?

In this talk Satish asks: what skills do we need on life's journey? Can we embrace life's journey as a pilgrimage? How do we deal with problems when they arise? Satish introduces us to the ideas and beliefs of the Jain religion, to Mahatma Gandhi and to stories from the Bhagavad-Gita. He talks of the web of life, of how unity and diversity are complimentary and how all of life is a divine dance. He asks, 'How can each of us fulfil our true potential and become self-realised?

This CD forms part of a series of Fireside Chats by Satish Kumar, recorded during his time teaching at Schumacher College. Produced by Shelley Williams, Reel Soul

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