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Walking in the Void: Baldwin & Guggisberg by Dougald Hine

Walking in the Void: Baldwin & Guggisberg by Dougald Hine

Artists Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg have been blowing glass for 40 years. This beautifully-produced book takes you on a journey through their most recent exhibition, 'Walking in the Void', in which they aim to inspire in us a sense of perspective and convey the importance of taking the long view when it comes to our place in the universe. Describing the show as a conversation, they pose the dilemma, do we carry on wilfully separating ourselves from nature, or do we somehow find our way back? 'We are walking in a void between two polar opposites and deeply insecure about which way to jump'. Informing the conversation is an incisive essay by social and environmental thinker Dougald Hine, co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project, his words brilliantly illuminating Baldwin & Guggisberg's powerful installations.

Softback, 144 pages

£19.99 plus p&p

Item code: rebk083

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