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Gallery Feature: Natasha Newton

New Gallery Feature: Natasha Newton

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The Resurgence Trust publishes Resurgence & Ecologist magazine to promote ecological sustainability, social justice and spiritual values.

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Welcome to Resurgence, where you'll find positive, informed and original perspectives on environmental issues, activism, social justice, arts and ethical living.

Resurgence 50

50th anniversary

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Welcome to our 50th anniversary issue. Resurgence was first published as a radical peace magazine amid the changing landscape of the 1960s. A small independent publication, Resurgence embraced a wider, holistic worldview, eschewing the traditional politics of left versus right, or 'biggest is best', to take up issues of social justice, spirituality and the arts, as well as our relations with Nature and the wider environment.

In May/June 2016 issue of Resurgence & Ecologist, we reflect on the history of this unique magazine and its role throughout 50 years of environmental changes. We profile key figures in the Resurgence story, take a look at the early days of the environmental movement and revisit E.F. Schumacher's classic essay 'Buddhist Economics'.

We also look to the future, with a feature on The Challenges Ahead, in which we asked key environmental campaigners to answer the question 'What's next?'. Plus, Leo Johnson shares a vision of utopia; John Francis profiles artist Jon Schueler; and Poetry Editor, Peter Abbs, enjoys the inaugural work of Irish poet Jane Clarke.

Resurgence & Ecologist has helped to inspire new ways of thinking and living creatively for fifty years. We hope you will find much to inspire you in our May/June issue.


Feature articles

Why I Risked Jail for My Beliefs

Why I Risked Jail for My Beliefs

Kara Moses, one of 13 environmental activists given a suspended sentence for aggravated trespass, explains the convictions that led her to occupy a runway at London's Heathrow airport.
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In the Beginning Were the Words

In the Beginning Were the Words

Greg Neale interviews poet and campaigner Michael Horovitz. His poem For the Modern Man (1914-1964) RIP was published in the first issue of Resurgence and we've republished it to mark our 50th anniversary.
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The Challenges Ahead

The Challenges Ahead

We asked key environmentalists and campaigners 'What next?'. Bill McKibben, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Jeremy Seabrook, Herbert Girardet and Craig Bennett share their views on the challenges ahead.
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Finding A Balance

Finding A Balance

Ella Woodward, author of Deliciously Ella, advocates a more holistic attitude towards food. Her new book Deliciously Ella Every Day aims to make healthy eating easy, quick and accessible to all.
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Putting Plants in their Proper Place

Putting Plants in their Proper Place

Michael McCarthy reviews The Cabaret of Plants: Botany and the Imagination by Richard Mabey and uncovers a masterpiece of Nature writing.
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The Resurgence Story

A video about the work of The Resurgence Trust.

Video by Simolab-Creative AV.

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Cover Image: A montage of past Resurgence mastheads; In the Beginning Were the Words: Michael Horovitz performing at the Royal Albert Hall, 1965; The Challenges Ahead: Children's march, Dumaguete, Philippines © JohnpratZLibby; Finding A Balance, Ella Woodward © Sophia Spring