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Anthony Rogers

Anthony Rogers - Clovis

Clovis • Sculpture made from oak

Anthony Rogers trained as an archaeologist and worked in the field for several years before undertaking art studies in Bath. He has completed numerous private commissions, and exhibited widely. Commissions have included large scale sculpted seating for public art projects in Wiltshire and Somerset and earlier this year a seven metre high sculpture for Calgary Art in Nature on the Isle of Mull. Work exhibited has included large scale sculptures at Fresh Air, Quenington, Glos, and Ground Cover at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. Anthony has also participated in SculpTree at Westonbirt Arboretum and various sculpture symposiums in this country and abroad.

“I am a sculptor working with wood and my inspiration is derived from the flowing lines and swirling rhythms of the landscape, the dynamic energy of the natural world.”

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