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Kaffe Fassett

Kaffe Fassett - Shells on Sand Cushion

Shells on the Sand • Needlepoint cushion cover

Kaffe Fassett entered into the world of yarn on a visit to a Scottish wool mill. Inspired by the wonderful array of coloured tartan he had seen in Scotland, on the way back to London on the train he persuaded his friend Bill Gibb to teach him how to knit. His second design, a three-quarter length multicoloured jacket with a price tag of £100 appeared as a full page spread in Vogue Knitting Magazine. In 1988 Kaffe became the first living textile artist to have a one man show at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Other projects during his career include garden design for the Chelsea Flower Show in 1998, co-designing the set and costumes in 2000 for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s opening millennium season production of ‘As You Like It’ and decorating the V&A Christmas Tree in 2005.