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Keith Grant

Keith Grant - Void

Light at the Edge of the Void • Oil on Board

Keith Grant was born in Liverpool in 1930. He attended Willesden Art School then went to the Royal College of Art. Keith has always held that an awareness of landscape is of primary importance. As a painter he has concentrated on remote and elemental regions, especially those of the North of Norway, Iceland and Greenland.

Keith is from a working class background in Liverpool, upon discovering he was a painter at the age of twenty-seven he decided that his task was to become the painter of the austere and extreme beauty of the North. “It is in the North and only in the North, that I sense the value of my life.”

In his art, Keith combines both abstract and figurative concerns. He seeks to express through the Northern imagery of night skies, the Aurora Borealis, icebergs, mountains, single birch trees, the sea and the horizon’s implacable division, a natural symbolism of transience and transformation. Unlike the English Romantic painters of landscape, Grant seeks to transcend place and topography in deference to an immanence which he senses irradiates the natural world.