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Cover: Navigation by Susanna Bauer. Photo © Simon Cook

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Susan Derges

  • Yellow Moon

    Yellow Moon
  • River Taw (Ivy)

    River Taw (Ivy)
  • Queen Anne’s Lace

    Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Half Moon (Fir)

    Half Moon (Fir)
  • Half Moon (Ash)

    Half Moon (Ash)
  • Gold Moon

    Gold Moon
  • Crescent Moon (Briars)

    Crescent Moon (Briars)
  • Yellow Moon
  • River Taw (Ivy)
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Half Moon (Fir)
  • Half Moon (Ash)
  • Gold Moon
  • Crescent Moon (Briars)
Susan Derges

Born in 1955, Susan Derges trained as a painter before turning to photography and in particular, to the cameraless photography for which she is best known. Susan Derges is internationally regarded and now considered to be one of Britain's most groundbreaking photographers. Much of her recent work has been made at night, in the open air, using the natural world as her darkroom. Drawing on the work of early 19th century experimental photographers, she has created a new and unique method of image-making.

The metaphors her work has been concerned with encompass subject matter informed by the physical and biological sciences as well as landscape and abstraction. Derges’ art is an ongoing enquiry into the relationship of the self to the observed. This has generated images that combine aesthetic beauty with thought provoking content. Major publications of her work include: Woman Thinking River, published in 1998, Liquid Form with an essay by Professor Martin kemp, published 1n 1999 and Kingswood published in 2002 by photoworks.

Susan Derges lives and works on Dartmoor, Devon and is represented by Purdy Hicks Gallery in London.

See Resurgence online article: Susan Derges - RIVERS & STARS interview by Satish Kumar (Issue 223)

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