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What’s in Resurgence & Ecologist?

Within the beautifully illustrated pages of Resurgence & Ecologist is an eclectic mix of articles on ecology, alternative education, spirituality, sustainable development and the arts, as well as regular poetry, gardening and recipe columns, humour, reviews and more. Some issues are given over to a particular theme such as food, Nature, transport or a particular country or individual. Here are some of the things you might expect to find in this award-winning magazine:


Contributors include spiritual and philosophical teachers such as the Dalai Lama and Thomas Moore, activists for peace and social justice such as Wangari Maathai and Scilla Elworthy, and environmental theorists such as Wendell Berry, Wolfgang Sachs and Richard Heinberg.

For example...


A look at individual artists past and present, from the emerging to the famous, with a particular focus on those exploring Nature, spirit and imagination.

For example...


Significant, groundbreaking books and films that are often ignored by the mainstream media.


Welcome: an introduction to the main themes of the current issue. For example...

Frontline: reports from the grassroots about individual, community and organisational action. For example...

Voice from the South: Vandana Shiva explores the issues around food, farming and globalisation. For example...

Visionaries: people who have made a significant difference. For example...

A Sense of Place: writers are invited to describe the places they love most. For example...

Poetry: edited by Peter Abbs, a poet and lecturer at the University of Sussex in Brighton, and by occasional guest editors.

Letters to the Editors: feedback from our readers on articles and issues in Resurgence.

Amongst other things we also feature delicious, healthy, seasonal recipes, a gardening column and short stories. For example...

Adverts: small ads and display ads. The Resurgence Trust accepts advertising only from individuals or organisations committed to ethical, sustainable, holistic and environmentally sound goods and services.

The Resurgence Story

Resurgence magazine is, it’s thought, the longest-running environmental magazine in Britain. The Resurgence Story

Article proposals and submissions

Due to being a very small team at Resurgence & Ecologist, and being inundated with material we are unable to consider and accept unsolicited articles at this time. All content is commissioned directly by Satish Kumar, Editor in Chief.