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Author Profile: Michael Meacher

Michael Meacher MP was Environment Minister in the UK government from 1997 until 2003 and gave the Schumacher Lecture, 2003.

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TTIP or Democracy?

Issue 290 • May/June 2015 • Becoming Barbarian > Ecologist

The dangers inherent in the proposed new EU-US trade agreement

The Green Message •

Issue 283 • March/April 2014 • Small is the New Big > Keynotes

Politicians need to wake up to our growing concerns about climate change

Story of A Spiritual Agnostic

Issue 266 • May/June 2011 • Tagore - The Big Vision > Reviews

Review of Destination of the Species: The Riddle of Human Existence


Issue 238 • September/October 2006 • Celebrating 40 Years of Resurgence > The Greening of Politics

The environmental movement cannot rest on its laurels when there is so much yet to be done.

JOIN THE DEBATE • , , , , &

Issue 226 • September/October 2004 • Ecoliteracy : Dancing Earth > Feature Articles

If you were Secretary of State for Education, what would you change?