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Author Profile: Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of The Sense of Being Stared at, and Other Aspects of the Extended Mind (Hutchinson)..

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Sacred Song, and Where to Find It •

Issue 294 • January/February 2016 • A Food Renaissance > The Arts

Launching an online portal for evensong services in the UK and Ireland

Family Orchards

Issue 280 • September/October 2013 • A Green Manifesto > Ethical Living

A way for families to enjoy an oasis of peace

The Science Delusion

Issue 278 • May/June 2013 • Natural Wealth > Undercurrents

We should take accepted assumptions as the beginning of an enquiry

Leading By Example

Issue 266 • May/June 2011 • Tagore - The Big Vision > Reviews

Review of Harmony: A New Way of Looking At Our World

The Power of Hope

Issue 248 • May/June 2008 • The Money Delusion: In Search of True Wealth > Undercurrents

An interview with Charlie Murphy.


Issue 231 • July/August 2005 • The Four Pillars of Sustainability > Feature Articles

Let the public decide on the fate of one per cent of our science budget.


Issue 220 • September/October 2003 • Science and Spirituality > Feature Articles

Explaining telepathy and other phenomena.