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Recipes - Lost Vegetable •

Issue 244 • September/October 2007 • The Green Imperative > Regulars > Recipes

We could grow more vegetable varieties in the UK. Faro in a pan, with artichokes and leek sprouts.


Issue 242 • May/June 2007 • Do we need God? / Food Futures > Regulars > Recipes

May menu: a plate of crudités for early summer, with two imaginative sauces.


Issue 240 • January/February 2007 • There is no wealth but life > Regulars > Recipes

Making use of the parts of vegetables we often throw away. Radish leaf dressing with early potatoes.


Issue 237 • July/August 2006 • Reflecting on India > Regulars > Recipes

Perfectly formed fruits and vegetables do not necessarily taste the best. Cauliflower remoulade and outer lettuce-leaf soup.