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Author Profile: Tishani Doshi

Tishani Doshi is a writer and dancer based in Madras, India.

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Issue 241 • March/April 2007 • Urban Ecology > Reviews

Review of The Night Life of Trees by Bhajju Shyam, Ram Singh Urveti and Durga Bai. The act of painting is an act of prayer. Magical works by three Gond artists.


Issue 239 • November/December 2006 • A Far Cry from Christmas > Web Exclusives > Review

Review of The Night Life of Trees by Bhajju Shyam/Ram Singh Urveti/Druga Bai


Issue 228 • January/February 2005 • Gaia and Global Change > Feature Articles

Bhajju Shyam, a Gond artist, delights us with his visual interpretation of London.