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Cover: Illustration by Michael Morgenstern

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A Mind-to-Mind View of Life

Issue 284 • May/June 2014 • Ecological Feminism > Reviews

Review of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why it Matters

Genuine Change

Issue 274 • September/October 2012 • A Shared Agenda > Reviews

Review of The Human Element: Ten New Rules to Kick-start Our Failing Organisations

Stars of Sustainability •

Issue 270 • January/February 2012 • A New Moral Compass > Frontline

Green careers charity celebrates 15 years of success

Members' Page - Bee Guardians •

Issue 263 • November/December 2010 • Apostles of Beauty > Regulars > Members' Page

A call to join the Global Bee Project

Members' Page - Nature's Language •

Issue 262 • September/October 2010 • Embodied Wisdom > Regulars > Members' Page

Earth Vision Nature Writing Contest.

Members' Page - Resurgence in the Classroom •

Issue 261 • July/August 2010 • Sustaining Life > Regulars > Members' Page

Inspiring students with the Resurgence philosophy.

A New Blueprint

Issue 261 • July/August 2010 • Sustaining Life > Reviews

Review of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There from Here

Members' Page - Start a Resurgence Readers' Group •

Issue 260 • May/June 2010 • On Being Human > Regulars > Members' Page

Readers' groups are an opportunity to get together, share ideas and enjoy seasonal food.

Members' Page - Community Page

Issue 259 • March/April 2010 • Seeds of Change: The Future of Food > Regulars > Members' Page

Taking action for the wellbeing of the planet.

Members' Page - The Need for New Leaders

Issue 258 • January/February 2010 • Liberty > Regulars > Members' Page

Members' Page - Resurgence Reader's Profile

Issue 257 • November/December 2009 • Resilience & Climate Change > Regulars > Members' Page

Taking small actions can make a big difference.

Members' Page - Are You an Earth Pilgrim? •

Issue 256 • September/October 2009 • Exploring Consciousness > Regulars > Members' Page

Inspiration from Satish's new book, Earth Pilgrim.

Resurgence at the heart of earth, art and spirit