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Cover: Landmannalaugar, Iceland ©Zack Seckler/Corbis


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Green Books

Issue 284 • May/June 2014

Ecological Feminism

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Truth, Goodness and Beauty

Introducing the trinity of Truth, Goodness and Beauty


Action From the Grass Roots •

Grass roots initiatives around the globe

World Future Council

Going global with 100% renewable energy

Spirit of Humanity •

Compassion Consciousness



The science of personal empowerment

Embracing the Wild •

Bonobos conservation in the Congo

A Walk in the Park •

Nature is good for us all

We Cannot End Hunger Without Feeding the Soil •

Microbial diversity is the foundation of healthy soil and sustainable agriculture

Conservatives and the Environment

An interview with Roger Scruton


The Biosphere •

Extract from Me and the Biospheres: A memoir by the inventor of Biosphere 2

Precious Soil •

What if there were a scarcity of soil?


Climate Change: The Bigger Picture

Rather than fighting a war on climate change, we should look at wider issues

Ethical Living

A People's Politician •

Arvind Kejriwal, head of India's Aam Aadmi Party of the People

Spirit of Business •

The challenges of running a business based on ecological and spiritual principles

Conscious Tourism •

Why we should make our travels as green as possible

Walking the Kimberley •

The joy of backpacking through Australia's rainforests

Wild Garlic

Cooking with hedgerow plants

Vive La Différence •

Wine should taste of the place where it is has been made


Ecological Feminism •

Why feminist to conservationist is a logical step

Sulak Sivaraska •

Exploring the work of the octogenarian Buddhist leader, writer and activist

Wild Flower Meadows

The importance of Transylvania's wild flower meadows


Poetry - A Language for our Dwelling Place •

Eco-poets are turning attention to the natural apocalypse we are now facing

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our Editors


A brain teaser full of ecological clues

The Arts

A Meditation in Stone

Connecting with the sculpture of Anthony Turner

A Healing Craft •

Guitar maker Andrew Davidson


The Systems View of Life &

Review of The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision

Beauty of Creation

Review of Mystic Chemist: The Life of Albert Hofmann and His Discovery of LSD

A Mind-to-Mind View of Life

Review of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why it Matters

Dreaming the Forest

Review of The Falling Sky: Words of a Yanomami Shaman

A Frank Appraisal

Review of The Energy of Nations: Risk Blindness and the Road to Renaissance

Seeing Nature

Review of Mindfulness and the Natural World: Bringing our Awareness Back to Nature

A Moral Purpose

Review of Righteous Republic: The Political Foundations of Modern India

Being Lester Brown

Review of Breaking New Ground: A Personal History

Web Exclusives

Article - In Praise of Badgers

Celebrating years of wildlife magic

Review - Inner and Outer Landscapes

Review of The Burning Ground

Article - Yelders in Action

Building connections across the generations

Article - Peace Activism Past And Present

Tagore's vision of global unity and peace continues to influence musicians, dancers, thinkers and activists and his message is more important now than ever.