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Author Profile: Fritjof Capra

Fritjof Capra is a physicist and systems theorist and is the author of several international bestsellers including The Tao of Physics, The Web of Life and The Hidden Connections. His new book on the science of Leonardo da Vinci will be published in 2007 by Rizzoli in Italy and by Doubleday in the United States.

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The Systems View of Life &

Issue 284 • May/June 2014 • Ecological Feminism > Reviews

Review of The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision

Pedagogy of Sustainability •

Issue 283 • March/April 2014 • Small is the New Big > Ethical Living

Sustainability is, and always has been, about community

Emerging Networks

Issue 273 • July/August 2012 • Emerging Networks > Undercurrents

How networks can empower people

Education - Ecological Literacy

Issue 272 • May/June 2012 • Catalysts For Change > Regulars > Education

Ecological literacy is critical to the survival of humanity

Article - Inconvenient Truths

Issue 267 • July/August 2011 • Once Upon A Time > Web Exclusives > Article

The truths surrounding nuclear power


Issue 238 • September/October 2006 • Celebrating 40 Years of Resurgence > Gaian Science

What we need today is exactly the kind of science that Leonardo da Vinci outlined 500 years ago.


Issue 220 • September/October 2003 • Science and Spirituality > Reviews

Review of Rivers and Tides


Issue 211 • March/April 2002 • A sense of belonging > September 11

Understanding the roots of terrorism.


Issue 203 • November/December 2000 • It is a gift to be simple > Feature Articles

A sustainable society can only be built on the foundations of ecoliteracy and ecodesign.

The Web Page

Issue 192 • January/February 1999 • The Language of Animals > Regulars > The Web Page

The Web Page

Issue 188 • May/June 1998 • The Gene Debate > Regulars > The Web Page

The Web Page

Issue 186 • January/February 1998 • Natural Spirituality > Regulars > The Web Page

Human community is a network of conversations.

The Web Page

Issue 181 • March/April 1997 • Land reform in Britain > Regulars > The Web Page

Human community is a network of conversations.