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Feats of Clay •

Issue 296 • May/June 2016 • Days of Hope > Reviews

Review of The White Road: A Pilgrimage of Sorts

A Temple for the Self

Issue 292 • September/October 2015 • Lines of Hope > The Arts

Sandy Brown's dramatic ceramic temple takes shape

The Homecoming Vessel

Issue 285 • July/August 2014 • Energy of Nations > The Arts

The work of ceramicist Katrin Moye

The Dance of Clay •

Issue 282 • January/February 2014 • Benevolent Universe > The Arts

Reflecting on the relationship between a ceramicist's spiritual and physical endeavours

A Sense of Home •

Issue 268 • September/October 2011 • What Comes Next? > The Arts

The forgotten etchings of the potter Bernard Leach capture the spirit of Japan

The Willow River

Issue 254 • May/June 2009 • Elegant Simplicity > The Arts

The introspective work of 'craft artist' Sarah Pank.


Issue 239 • November/December 2006 • A Far Cry from Christmas > The Arts

The paintings of Michael Cullimore show that there is always one more way of  looking at something.


Issue 236 • May/June 2006 • Animate Earth > The Arts

Guy Martin's furniture attemps to make an aesthetic expression of ecological principles.