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David Jackman

Rosie Jackson

Rosie Jackson is author of Fantasy: The Literature of Subversion, The Eye of the Buddha and Mothers Who Leave. She runs workshops on writing and creativity.

Ross Jackson

Ross Jackson is chairman of Gaia Trust, Denmark.

Kevin Jackson

Tim Jackson

Kurt Jackson

Michael Jacobs

Rolf Jacobsen

Gudush Jalloh

Oliver James

Oliver James is a clinical psychologist and author of They F*** You Up (Bloomsbury, 2002) and Britain on the Couch (Arrow, 1998).

Jeremy James

Mike Jay

Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud

Josie Jeffery

Charles Jencks

Lily Jencks

Allan Jenkins

Allan Jenkins edits The Observer Magazine.

Peter Jewel

Jan Jewell

Alok Jha

Tim Johnson

Fran Johnson

Leo Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Chris Johnstone

Ben Jolliffe

Philippa Jones

Philippa Jones is a Brussels-based journalist specialising in agricultural and environmental issues.

Margaret Jones

Margaret Jones is the author of Prophets in Babylon and Heretics and Hellraisers.

Andy Jones

Andy Jones worked at Sustain in 2001 as project officer on the Food and Fuel project. He is now based at the Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York.

Judy Jones

Judy Jones is co-author, with Polly Ghazi, of Downshifting (Coronet, 1997).

Nick Jones

Peter Owen Jones

Nicola Jones

Garry Jones

John Jopling

Craig Jordan-Baker

Bill Joy

Bill Joy is co-founder and Chief Scientist of Sun Micro-systems and was Co-Chair of the Presidential Commission on the Future of IT Research.

Rolf Jucker

Helen Jukes

Caroline Juler

Tony Juniper

Tony Juniper is Director of Friends of the Earth.

Kirk W. Junker