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issue cover 249

Cover: Minature steel drums in a craft market Tobago Photograph: Anna Watson/Axiom


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My Resurgence

RDM Revival

Artists Project Earth New Album. Help us to help them...

Green Books

Issue 249 • July/August 2008

Music for Transformation

ORDER a PDF copy for £3.00


Music for Transformation

Music is the undercurrent to our collective subconsious.


On Yer Bike •

A climate-friendly transport initiative.

Reasons to be cheerful •

The successful defence of the 'Merton Rule'.

Songs for Action

Tackling and preventing HIV.

Artists' Project Earth

Addressing climate change through the arts.


Revolution •

If I cannot sing and dance.

Music For Transformation

What is Music?

Music is a wonderful gift to humanity.

Conversations and Crossroads •

Musical traditions need both openness and protection to evolve.

Letting Go •

Singing connects us to our feelings.

A Living Force •

Dartington Summer School nurtures the alchemy of music.

Beauty Speaks

Music, like Nature, is made up of harmonic patterns.

The Times They Are A-Changing' •

Inspiration and Contemplation •

Music inspired by the sounds and force of Nature.

Colourful Learning •

A new approach to teaching music.


Acapella: the joy of making a beautiful sound.

Songs of Conscience • , &

Music with a message.


Sublime Expression •

Nature is being re-examined by modern writers.

Back to our roots

Nurturing the soil for future generations.

Climate Change

Burning Ice

An introduction to the Cape Farewell Project.

Frozen Light •

The sublime wonder of sea ice.

Melting Gods •

Climate change even affects our religious beliefs.

Cold Continent •

The changing nature of Antarctica.


Voice From The South - Double Standards •

Corporate responsibility for pollution.

Slow Travel - Footpaths to the festival •

A remarkable feeling of adventure.

Letter from America - Full Circle

Community-supported agriculture.

Recipes - Summer Spirit •

Celebrating the summer harvest.

Gardening - Landmatters

Living on the land.

Members' Page

Resurgence Slow Sunday.


In My Own Words: Ocean Voice

Review of Thousand Mile Song: Whale Music in a Sea of Sound.

In My Own Words: Divine Order

Review of The Creative Gap.

In My Own Words: Singing Field

Review of Sound Intelligence - A New Language of Consciousness.

The man who mistook neurology for music

Review of Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, Oliver Sacks.

Hope Springs Eternal

Review of Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity and Courage in a World Gone Mad, Frances Moore Lappé.

Assuring the Future

Review of The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger, Jonathan Schell.

Swept Away

Review of Real England, Paul Kingsnorth.

Cultural Militant

Review of Blackness and the Dreaming Soul, Cy Grant.

About a Man

Review of Wendell Berry: Life and Work, edited by Jason Peters.

End Time

Review of Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia, John Gray.

Intense Images

Review of Koudelka, Robert Delpire | Dominique Eddé | Michel Frizot | Anna Fárová

Only Connect?

Review of The Earth Only Endures: On Reconnecting with Nature and Our Place in It, Jules Pretty.

A Sense of Place

Review of Field Work: Selected Essays, Ronald Blythe.

Eating and Acting

Review of Stuffed and Starved: Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World Food System, Raj Patel.

Holy Fools and Serious Play

Review of Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth and Art, Lewis Hyde.

Web Exclusives

Review - Grounded Design

Review of Sticks, Stones and Mud Homes: Natural Living, Nigel Noyes

Article - Let's have some decent bread

It's easy to make proper bread if you give it time.

Article - Five-minute Interview

Idealism and Inspiration

Satish’s Blog - Love Rules Supreme

Satish’s Blog - Resurgence Slow Sunday

Satish’s Blog - Real Bread

Satish’s Blog - Bread as a Symbol of Biocultural Diversity

Satish’s Blog - Reconnect with Tradition: Baking Bread as a Spiritual Act

Satish’s Blog - Act Locally to Address Global Issues

Resurgence at the heart of earth, art and spirit