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Author Profile: Oliver Tickell

Oliver Tickell writes and campaigns on health and environmental issues.

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Sun Shines on Resurgence Summer Camp

Issue 293 • November/December 2015 • Go With the Flow > Frontline

A joyous celebration filled with talks, reflections, music and laughter

A Crisis This Big Changes Everything

Issue 288 • January/February 2015 • Power to the People > Ecologist

Naomi Klein outlines the need for radical change

Renewable vs Fossil Fuels •

Issue 282 • January/February 2014 • Benevolent Universe > Ecologist

Where should we put our energy and efforts?

The Money Revolution

Issue 278 • May/June 2013 • Natural Wealth > Keynotes

It's time to take control of our money and use it to create a fairer society

Renewable Revolution •

Issue 273 • July/August 2012 • Emerging Networks > Slow News

Solar power is spreading rapidly across India, China, Africa and Latin America

Sensible Solutions - Natural Frugality

Issue 257 • November/December 2009 • Resilience & Climate Change > Regulars > Sensible Solutions

The practice of natural frugality creates a quiet but abiding satisfaction all of its own.

Review - Vuzpegs

Issue 253 • March/April 2009 • Economics of Place > Web Exclusives > Review

Review of Studying, protecting and befriending hedgehogs.

Exit Strategy

Issue 252 • January/February 2009 • Nature Crunch: Redesign, Rethink, Reimagine > Reviews

Review of The shift to a low-carbon future.

Sensible Solutions - Time to Change •

Issue 247 • March/April 2008 • Long Live Biodiversity! > Regulars > Sensible Solutions

Pictures Paint A Thousand Words

Issue 247 • March/April 2008 • Long Live Biodiversity! > Reviews

Review of Earth Then and Now

Sensible Solutions - BIOFUELS

Issue 245 • November/December 2007 • The Moral Economy > Regulars > Sensible Solutions

Palm-oil production is a major cause of deforestation in the Far East. We need to halt the headlong rush towards biofuels at any cost.

Sensible Solutions - The Car Inefficiency Levy

Issue 244 • September/October 2007 • The Green Imperative > Regulars > Sensible Solutions

Until we hold car manufacturers accountable for the pollution their products cause, we will not begin to address their impact on climate change and ecosystems.

Perspectives - Plastic Bags •

Issue 244 • September/October 2007 • The Green Imperative > Regulars > Perspectives

The environmental impact of our profligate lifestyles has far more to do with what we put into our shopping bags than with the bags themselves.


Issue 241 • March/April 2007 • Urban Ecology > Regulars > Sensible Solutions

Kyoto2 would control fossil fuels and greenhouse-gas emissions as close as possible to the point of production. An outline of the framework for a second climate change protocol.


Issue 241 • March/April 2007 • Urban Ecology > Reviews

Review of Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning by George Monbiot. Cutting our greenhouse-gas emissions sufficiently for our survival will need a profound transformation of our society and economy.

Sensible Solutions - BUILDINGS AND BUSES •

Issue 240 • January/February 2007 • There is no wealth but life > Regulars > Sensible Solutions

New ideas to promote housing choice and smoother long-distance bus journeys in the UK.

Sensible Solutions - TIME FOR CHANGE •

Issue 236 • May/June 2006 • Animate Earth > Regulars > Sensible Solutions

Small ways to make a big difference: cars, trans fats, smart electricity meters, saving envelopes, water efficiency.