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Resurgence Education Pack for Schools

The Resurgence Trust and The Harmony Project have developed a primary school unit of learning focused on 'Why is our local river or waterway important to us?'

In collaboration with The Harmony Project, The Resurgence Trust is launching a teaching pack to help KS2 primary school teachers explore the life of their local river or waterway with the children in their classes. Posing the question, 'Why is our river or waterway important to us?', the pack echoes many of the themes of our 'Watershed moment' issue of Resurgence & Ecologist (March/April 2021). We hope this information pack will encourage both teachers and students to reflect on the significance of their local river or waterway and learn about it more fully.

"Rivers and waterways have been essential to our communities for centuries, but how much do we really know about them?" asked The Harmony Project's Richard Dunne. "Through a cross-curricular approach to learning, we hope that teachers and their students will see their local river or waterway through a different lens, form a deeper connection with it, and begin to consider how it can be better respected, protected and regenerated."

Watershed moment – Resurgence & Ecologist Issue 325

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