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Resurgence groups provide an opportunity for people to meet together in local groups; sharing meditation, ideas, an eco-friendly way of life, and seasonal food.

The groups started in response to interest expressed after Resurgence weekend retreats. Many people said that they felt inspired by a weekend discussing art, spirituality, and practical ideas with other like-minded people - but that it was such a long time until the next year and there was no similar group local to them. So the obvious solution was to start a network of local groups, and use Resurgence magazine as a way of putting people in touch with each other. It seems that the moment is right and there is a groundswell of feeling that it’s time to link up with others.

If there isn’t a group near you - why not start one? People are encouraged to share responsibility and rotate houses to meet in, as this makes a more democratic community, so being the founder doesn't mean you have to take on all the work.

Each group has the flexibility to arrange their own sessions, but the basics are, a short meditation — we can provide a guidance tape but groups can use something else if they prefer — then a shared potluck meal of local in-season food, followed by a discussion on Resurgence topics, and our relationships with the issues. The frequency of get-togethers is dependent on the situation of each group.

If you are interested in starting a Resurgence group please contact Jeanette who can provide advice and information on how to do this. We can also provide you with a selection of archive issues of Resurgence, a Resurgence Readers' Group pack, posters and other resources.

We strongly recommend that before starting a group you attend at least one Resurgence event to meet the team and find out more about The Resurgence Trust. Come along to the Resurgence Summer Camp, the Resurgence Retreat or one of our other events. See the events pages for details of our events.

For more information please contact Jeanette at or telephone 01208 841824.

Resurgence groups in the UK

Contact: Anna Moreton, Tel: 07935325604

Meeting monthly
Contact: Carly Juneau 07935935197

Contact: Pamela Rosling  Tel: 01258818223

We meet every 2 months to discuss articles which have inspired us from recent editions and to listen to visiting speakers or watch films on current issues to do with the environment, ethical living, social justice etc. But above all we value the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and appreciate each others' support and encouragement.

East Devon
Meet on the first Wednesday of the month, 7pm.
Venue: The Spiral Sanctuary, Combe Farm, Axmouth, Seaton, Devon
Contact: Christina Tel: 01297 23822
This group has a short meditation followed by a discussion of 3-4 recent articles. It is part of a programme at the Spiral Centre which includes full moon walks round Seaton Labryinth, regular work parties in the Community Woodland Orchard ( or Forest Garden), wild food days, Solstice, Apple Harvest and May Day celebrations. There is also an extensive library. More local or visiting readers will be welcome.

Isle of Wight

Contact: Christina Vince  Tel: 07942 898402


Vesna Levi. Email:
Tel: 07966 81676

Meeting monthly second Monday of each month but with Christmas, Easter and Summer break in December, April and August.

It is emerging that this group may be primarily for networking purpose but will not be excluding opportunities to engage with practical projects.

Contact : Margaret Evans. Meeting monthly.Email:  Tel: 0191 2901516

Contact: Victoria Manthorpe. Email:
Meeting bi-monthly

We are an embryonic Readers' Group so this is an opportunity to help shape the format and activites. At the minute we are meeting at a member's home and, as Satish recommended, bringing food to share for the evening.

Meeting bi-monthly
Contact: James Adams 07422 575853
Email :

We meet every two months to coincide with the magazine publication and discuss topics raisied within the magazine and similar issues which may be of interest to readers.

Welsh Borders
Near Hay on Wye, 6.30pm, quarterly.
Contact: Email:  Tel: 01981 550246. Starting with a meal, followed by a short meditation and discussion of a Resurgence article.


Contact: Keith & Debby Badger (@the Rescope Project)
Tel: 61 (0) 419 542 134
Meeting bi-monthly

Colombia - Bogota
Contact :

Location: Public Library Julio Mario Santodomingo-mainly Park
Meeting once a month

The group meetings will be as far as possible in representative natural areas of our city Bogota. There initially we will work on body awareness followed by a moment of meditation. Then we will discuss and reflect on text in the magazine and see how we can apply this to our Colombian environment and decide on a course of action if needed from both the group and individuals.Our themes then revolve around eco-spirituality, wellness, tourism and political ecology.

Italy - Faedis
Contact: Mauro Cavallo
Tel: 0039 0432 728606
Sharing a passion for the countryside and a lifestyle in harmony with nature. The first meeting in September included a botanical excursion in the hills of the Valley of Grivo, sharing wonderful moments between species indentification herbs and the spirit of the forest.

Contact David Andreae
Tel: 0031 411677597
Members are from Holland and Belgium and the language is Dutch and English and they will meet at each others houses.

Portugal -Paredes de Coura
Contact: Gabriel Cunha
Tel: (+351) 919991585
Or contact: Rajesh Pai Email:
Meeting bi-monthly.

South Africa -Cape Town

Contact:Galeo Saintz
Email :
Tel mobile: +27 (0) 82 888 8181
Meeting on the first Wednesday evening of every second month. Bring and share dinner. They aim to share dialogue around the themes brought to light by Resurgence and inspire and expand their local endeavours to carry these forward into their lives.

East London

Contact: Claire Kockott  tel: +27(0)43 7374431

Supporting Groups

Hemel Hempstead
Contact: Paul Sandford. Email:
Tel: 07767075490. This is an Interfaith group who meet and support reverential and sacred Ecology.Their intention is to cultivate awareness of issues in Resurgence and Amnesty International. They meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Antara Project Group
Contact: Annemarie Borg
This project focuses on the role of Artists today, how and if we can reflect as a group the concerns so many of us share today as well as express our hopes for the future. The first meeting on 15th February 2011 is a presentation of intentions and goals, understanding how people feel about their role, uniting like minded artists and organising later on a series of day conferences-performances as well as taking this project abroad.

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