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Resurgence & Ecologist offers positive perspectives on a range of engaging topics covering ecology, social justice, philosophy, spirituality, sustainable development and the arts - an eclectic mix that cannot be found anywhere else.

Published bi-monthly, each beautifully illustrated issue contains feature articles by respected writers, news from the frontline of the environmental movement, ideas on ethical living, book reviews, recipe columns, humour, poetry and arts profiles. Past contributors include Margaret Atwood, Michael Morpurgo, Antony Gormley, Rowan Williams, Vandana Shiva and Polly Higgins ... the list goes on.

Resurgence & Ecologist is now firmly established as essential reading throughout the environmental movement. Resurgence & Ecologist is enjoyed by people from all walks of life including environmentalists, politicians, business leaders, academics, activists, teachers, writers and artists.

Resurgence remains one of the best antidotes to the superficial banalities and mindless materialism that grips contemporary society.

Jonathon Porritt


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Featured articles from the latest issue of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

Protecting Our Right to Protest

Brendan Montague speaks to barrister David Renton about the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Court Bill. The Bill includes clauses intended to make protest impossible. If the Bill is passed, protesting will be harder and environmental activist will need to be more innovative. Such authoritarian legislation must be challenged at the outset.

Making Space for Compassionate Health Care

Charlie Jones and Dan Warrender explore how people in a caring role can nurture 'compassionate care'. In reconnecting with our humanity and embracing imperfections and vulnerabilities, we can find new ways to deal with the emotional cost of caring and move from a state of anxiety to empathy.

Reclaiming Our Souls

Marianne Brown explores the creative tactics of 'culture jamming'. An experiment in cultural forms, 'Culture Jamming' has been described as 'the dream of reclaiming our sense of selves as citizens in a culture that insists on reducing us to consumers - wallets with mouths'. Fortunately, new visions of the future abound.

Living with Hope in Trying Times

Satish Kumar talks to Jane Goodall - champion of ecological sustainability, UN messenger of Peace and protector of wild chimpanzees. They discuss why a spiritual connection with Nature matters, the need to produce food without harming biodiversity, and how to change the minds of high-ranking officials and CEOs. At the core is activism driven by love, not fear, and by hope.

Yew Time

In the first of a new series of essays, The Company of Trees, Anita Roy shares her experience of meeting a 3,000-year-old Yew tree on the Somerset/Devon border. Immersed in stories and legends, modern day prayers and blessings, the experience is both humbling and mind-expanding.

Finding Jungles in the Countryside

Pascale Petit speaks with Louisa Adjoa-Parker about Nature poetry, diversity and a sense of belonging. Pascale's advice for new and emerging poets is "Don't follow the fashion. Be the fashion! Write about whatever you find exciting. Look for your own way to write form," and above all, immerse yourself in place.

Picture Credits

Cover Image: Rise Up by Sophie Bass; Protecting our Right to Protest: Illustration by George Butler @georgebutlerillustration; Making Space for Compassionate Health Care: Painting by James Gouldthorpe; Reclaiming our Souls: Francesca Willow © Guy Reece; Living with Hope in Trying Times: Okavango 2016 (Other Worlds) by Catherine Nelson; Yew Time: Photograph © Juhi Saklani; Finding Jungles in the Countryside: The Reader, 2017 (gouache on paper) by Ashley Amery

The Resurgence Trust is an educational charity (Charity Number: 1120414) that publishes Resurgence & Ecologist magazine,, and to promote ecological sustainability, social justice and spiritual values.

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